forklift truck pallet fork / scale

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forklift truck pallet fork / scale forklift truck pallet fork / scale - iFORKS-32


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    for forklift trucks

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High accuracy, next generation iForks, powered by compact Lithium ion battery packs. No cabling, installed in minutes. Standard with Bluetooth 4.0 data transfer.

iForks, the hugely successful RAVAS scale forks, have moved into their next generation! With only 58mm fork height and no external components on the fork shank, iForks-32 looks more and more like standard lift truck forks. The upgraded 3200 driver display offers attractive new features, like standard Bluetooth connectivity.

Lithium ion power: compact, green and reliable
iForks-32 looks leaner than its predecessor: the big battery packs have been eliminated and replaced by more compact Lithium Ion batteries that supply the same capacity and more reliability. All scale components on the forks are now hidden below and behind the fork shoe, creating an efficient look for iForks-32.

The changes to batteries and Bluetooth modules, and the elimination of the cover plates, leave no external components on the fork shank, making iForks-32 even more easy to fit onto fork positioners. And since machining of the fork shank is no longer needed, the structural strength of the forks has increased, making it possible to reduce the fork height to only 58mm. iForks-32 is now only marginally higher than standard lift truck forks.

iForks-32: all USP’s at a single glance
Advanced 3200 driver display
No cabling, no external components
Standard fork shank, easy installation, fits on fork positioners
Forks are only 58mm high
Compact Lithium Ion battery packs
Automatic tilt compensation
Overload and tip load logging
Bluetooth 4.0 as a standard feature
With user and service app