electrolytic nickel plating / electroless / steel / copper

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electrolytic nickel plating electrolytic nickel plating


  • Type:

    electrolytic, electroless

  • Substrate:

    steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, zinc


High-gloss and semi-gloss nickel plating

For many technical items one of the two above types of nickel plating is preferential to chromium plating for one or more of the following reasons:

In particular in parts with a complicated shape, chromium plating, which does not disperse as well, often fails to reach all points so that the nickel layer underneath remains visible in the form of "yellow spots”.

If the parts must still be shaped after nickel plating, the ductile (malleable) semi-gloss nickel plating is usually chosen from the above two processes instead of the more brittle high-gloss nickel plating.

In dry interiors in particular the corrosion performance of nickel on steel or nonferrous metals is usually sufficient if the weak yellow shade is acceptable.

Furthermore, this process is cheaper because items, which are to be nickel-plated should permit closer contact (i.e. the simultaneous treatment of greater quantities per rack).