hard anodizing / sulfuric / chromic / sulfo-tartaric

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hard anodizing / sulfuric / chromic / sulfo-tartaric hard anodizing / sulfuric / chromic / sulfo-tartaric


  • Type vierge:

    hard, sulfuric, chromic, sulfo-tartaric

  • Type of substrate:

    aluminum, titanium

  • Applications:

    industrial, medical, for the construction industry

  • Production method:

    medium series, large series, small series, individual

  • Other characteristics:

    with coloring


Large Series of Small Parts

As far as it is technically possible or justifiable, articles like the aluminium stampings illustrated here can be anodized in large quantities simultaneously. Such rational and accordingly cost-effective processing has its limits however when accuracy of fit is important and where scooping parts – such as those with blind bore holes – make a perfect process impossible, because they tend to bring bath contents up with them.

In every case such production requires a corresponding rack to hold the items for electric contacting and which must be adjusted to the respective articles. As these devices made of titanium or welded aluminium constructions can be very expensive (depending on the process), sufficient quantities are necessary for processing.