single-cylinder road roller / articulated / vibrating
max. 14 200 kg (31 310 lbs ) | CV550D/DV/T



  • Type:


  • Options:

    articulated, vibrating

  • Operating weight:

    Min.: 13,700 kg (30,203.3 lb)

    Max.: 14,200 kg (31,305.6 lb)

  • Engine power:

    126 kW (171.31 hp)


The CV550 Series of Vibratory Soil Compactor is designed with track drive, which enables these machines to conquer steep slope applications while compacting.
The machines provide a cost-effective means of compacting jobs like landfill construction which in the past had to be handled by a vibratory compactor winched up the slope by dozer, thus necessitating the added expense of the dozer its operator.
Wide variation of drum types; Smooth drum or padfoot drum with standard vibration mode (single eccentric type) or vertical vibration mode (twin eccentriic type) are available to select from Standard vibration models: CV550D (smooth drum), CV550T (padfoot drum) and Vertical vibration model; CV550DV (smooth drum).
The CV550 Series is able to climb slopes up to 62% (32deg.) while developing the centrifugal forces required to reach density in a minimal number of passes over material.


Vibrating Roller