universal testing machine / compression / tensile / bending
ST-1002 (max 300kN)

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universal testing machine / compression / tensile / bending universal testing machine / compression / tensile / bending - ST-1002 (max 300kN)
  • Universal testing machine / compression / tensile / bending


  • Test type:

    universal, compression, tensile, bending, break force, electric, peel, tension, shearing, constant load, tension/compression, force, friction, static load, tensile strength

  • Sector:

    for laboratories, for the automotive industry, for railway applications, for research and development, for the construction industry, for production

  • Test material:

    materials, for plastics, for rubber, for cement, for composite materials, for pipes, for elastomers, for asphalt, for building materials, for sheet metal, for plastic film, for textiles, for cables, for film, cylinder, for springs, for bearings, for round bars, for leather, screw, for bars and tubes, for cardboard boxes, for adhesive tape, for plastic pipes, for paper, for packaging, for pipes

  • Other characteristics:

    axial, vertical, for workshops, electric, precision, electronic, digital, universal, double-column, electromechanical, servo-motor, portable, servo-electric, motorized, electro-hydraulic, automatic


Material properties tester for testing physical characteristics of various materials such as metal, plastic, composite materials, wire, paper, film etc.
Can be used to test raw materials, building materials, polymers, manufactured products, packaging, adhesive etc.

ST-1000 Series
SALT manufactured UTMs come with data analysis software and are preequiped with the necessary tools and accessories for tests the tester desires.

Universal Testing Machines
Are all manufactured with a 1/50,000(up to 1/100,000) resolution. With the most precise force control and accurate position control up to 0.01mm, boasting the best quality in terms of software, precision engineering and durability at a price range that is unmatched by competitors.

Our software is made with a user friendly interface which requires little training for the user to understand. All tests are programmed to be in accordance with international standards (ASTM, ISO, BS etc.). Tensile testing, compression testing, bending test, creep test, fatigue testing etc. all available at your fingertips.