video measuring machine / CNC / mobile



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    CNC, mobile


Product features:
1.For large and batch workpiece test
2. Movable bridge structure, automatic measurement for long stroke and workpiece keep static , the measuring way of machine movement, to ensure the measuring stability more effective.
3.Three axis CNC control;Full servo closed-loop control, the central drive, biaxial sliding
4.00 class barreled jinan green machine, high precision and good stability
5.All guide rail imported from Japan, precice gears, no interval ,sensitive and reliable , accurate positioning and high precision movement ;
6.Three axis adopts the Renishaw patch type grating ruler, with good temperature stability, and the resistance to deformation ability
7.All the mouse, the three dimensional lever automation control, easy to use
8.Automatic zoom optical lens, which can realize automatic zoom measurement
9.Programmable 3 ring 8 area circular surface light source, LED light source , coaxial light source
10.Auto-focusing height measurement, can mount various RENISHAW contact probe (TP6, MH20I, MCP, etc.), laser scanning probe
11.Space error compensation, software item 21 correction, automatic precision correction


Measure range mm(XYZ):500×500×200mm
External sizemm:1480×1050×1610
Can customize stroke according to customer requirement,minimum stroke(XYZ axle):400*300*200MM,maximum stroke(XYZ axle):1500*2500*200MM
Measurement accuracy (um)XY axis4.0+L/200
speed:XY axis 250MM/S Z axis100MM/S
Max load:(kg)20
servo motor
6X automatic zoom lens, image magnification 18X-200X
working voltage:220V+10%, 50HZ-60HZ
Acceptance inspection way:glass line scale