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digital ratiometer / for transformers digital ratiometer / for transformers - PWR1-3B


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The RATIOMETER PWR1-3B is constructed to measure the transformation ratio, phase error and magnetizing current of power- and distribution- transformers for all three-phases simultaneously. Voltage and current transformers are single phase, power transformers normally three-phase. Due to the bad quality on industrial lines (phase jitter and shifting, voltage differences between the three phases) all measurements normally are done single phase, even on three phase ratiometers.

The design of the PWR1-3B contains an internal sinus power oscillator which delivers the necessary exciting voltage with very low distortion and stable voltage not found in industrial lines. This allows very stable and precise single- and three-phase measurements.

The Ratiometer PWR1-3B uses a large LCD display with backlight to present the values of ratio and phase difference of “H.V. Winding” to “L.V. Winding” , and the excitation voltage and the magnetizing current of the high voltage winding.