exhaust gas analyzer / gas / flue gas / combustion
Chemist 900

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exhaust gas analyzer / gas / flue gas / combustion exhaust gas analyzer / gas / flue gas / combustion - Chemist 900


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    exhaust gas, gas, flue gas

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The Chemist 900 industrial analyser can measure and store values of gaseous emissions during the operation of industrial machinery and it can also calculate combustion efficiency.


Industrial gas and diesel motors
Marine motors
Cogeneration groups
Industrial Gas Turbines
Industrial Burners
Emissions measurement of combustion gases post-treatment
Industrial glass, ceramic and cement furnaces
Furnaces for thermal treatment of metal
Chemical and Pharmaceutical process industry
Industrial analysis laboratories
Biogas factories from vegetable and animal waste
Official emissions measurements compliant to applicable regulations
Motori industriali a gas e diesel


Measurement of up to 12 gaseous emissions simultaneously.
9 gases measured with individual sensors: electrochemical, pellistor, NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infra Red), FLEX series, identical to those used used in the hand held Chemist 500 analysers.
Pre-calibrated FLEX-type gas measurement sensors which can be replaced in the field by the user.
3 gases (CO, CO2 e CH4) measured simultaneously with NDIR bench and dedicated anti dust filter. The NDIR bench ensures maximum measurement accuracy for the 3 gases, because there is no interference from other gases, as is the case with other electrochemical cells.
Gases measured: O2, CO, CO/H2, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, CxHy.
Fuel already in the memory: methane, LPG, butane, propane, propane-air mixtures, diesel, fuel oil, wood, wood chip, pellets, biogas, coal.