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compression testing machine / flexure / for building materials / for cement and mortar
WHY Series|300kN, 300/10kN|ASTM C109, ASTM C349, ISO 679, EN



  • Test type:

    compression, flexure

  • Test material:

    for building materials, for cement and mortar

  • Other characteristics:

    computer-controlled, electromechanical


HUALONG WHY Series Electromechanical Compression Testing Machine is mainly used to determine of the compressive, flexural strength of cement mortar and flexural strength of concrete/stone prism.

Space adjusting & test processes could be controlled by the software and the test result could be transferred to the software for further analysis. It is the most advanced series in compressive testing machines. It is widely used in civil engineering areas, quality control department, universities and institutes as well as other areas and works for the mechanical performance analysis of architecture, building materials.

These frames comply with national and international standards (ISO, ASTM, EN etc) of ordinarily building materials mechanical performance testing requirement to Compression/Flexion tests.
Closed-loop control system constantly monitors the test in progress and regulates the testing rate to maintain prescribed conditions.

•Compact design requires less room in the lab and oil free drive system not only keep the lab clean but also low noisy.

•Stable and reliable high intensity structure load frame with extended tabletop provides extra area for placement of additional jigs.

•Real time display software ensures the accurate track of testing process.

•Pre-built test methods for cement mortar, concrete prism, dimension stone and user configurable test methods are available.

•Overload and over travel protection available for secure operator and machine.

•Custom report template available.

•Easily expand test solutions at a later date with hardware and software options.