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protection sleeve / corrugated / for electrical cables / nylon



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    for electrical cables

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Standard Name: Nylon bellows, nylon hose or nylon hose.
Product material: environmental protection nylon made, ROHS certification.
Product structure: internal and external wave shape (double wall wave).
Product color: the default black (spot) or gray white. Other colors to accept customization.
Features: good flexibility, surface gloss, resistance to chemical corrosion. This nylon corrugated tube is made of PA66 nylon recognized by UL, which is consistent with the environmental protection in Europe SGS:SH6134468/CHEM. The wire and cable into the tube, with corrugated pipe joints corresponding to the types can be used can withstand foot pressure, not broken, the same type, can be quickly restored, and itself without any damage. -30 ~100 C C, C 140 is short
Application areas: it is important for the automotive wiring, can also be used for machine tools, automation instrumentation, motor motor, the protection of the cable and wire without external force wear and insulation;
Usage: the wire and cable into the tube, in the distribution of SM-G, SM series hose connector corresponding to the model can be used to.