automatic belling machine / for PVC pipes



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    for PVC pipes


Automatic belling machines form sockets with a gasket seat using air-blowing against the external molds and solvent-cements sockets, designed with multisocketing for high production of small diameter PVC-U with single/multiple socketing

Attainable machine models are comprised of models with mono-extrusion pipe feed, double-extrusion pipe feed with independent speeds, multi-extrusion pipes at the same speed, as well as, machines with a hot-air heating station and forming station with socket air-cooling.

There are unique options to build single smooth sockets (L Versions), and versions that have superior production, with improved socket heating/cooling system (PLUS and H version).

Users can also order 200M Multibell model for indoor sewage pipes with short-lengths up to 150mm and solvent-cement sockets (BA/CA/L and BA/MP) versions with an electrical-pneumatic operation.