primary shredder / double-shaft / solid & bulk waste
XLC 7300



  • Number of shafts:


  • Application:

    solid & bulk waste

  • Other characteristics:


  • Output:

    Max.: 240 t/h (147 lb/s)

    Min.: 120 t/h (73 lb/s)

  • Power:

    Max.: 630,000 W

    Min.: 315,000 W


Our XLC 3000 primary shredders are probably the sturdiest, most powerful and the most versatile shredders sold today on the market worldwide.

The stationery shredding units developed by SID are not derived from light and mobile installations and are optimized for the treatment of miscellaneous and undefined materials, but also for hard and tough applications requiring powerful and sturdy machines.

SID XLC shredders treat a very wide type of waste (industrial, bulky, municipal and hazardous waste).

SID installations are made out of sturdy components having a long lifetime

All the elements in the machine, which are submitted to wear, can be exchanged quickly, independently and easily. For these reasons, SID enjoys a worldwide reputation.

XLC 7300 is the most powerful shredder at SID and on the market.