box PLC / integrated / with integrated I/O / Ethernet
PowerLink IP

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box PLC / integrated / with integrated I/O / Ethernet box PLC / integrated / with integrated I/O / Ethernet - PowerLink IP


  • Type:

    box, integrated

  • Input/output:

    with integrated I/O

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Powerline carrier PLC systems utilize the high-voltage line(s) between transformer substations as a cost-effective communication path for data, teleprotection, and voice. Siemens power line carrier technology has been applied over decades, ensures extremely high standards of transmission reliability in network protection (such as protection signals), safeguards the transmission quality, and can easily be integrated into a wide range of communication networks. PowerLink IP has been designed for the Ethernet / IP environments of the new digital high-voltage substations and makes PLC systems today more attractive and efficient than ever before.

Powerline Carrier PowerLink IP
The new PowerLink IP system has a pure packet-based architecture that is optimized to fulfill the communication requirements of modern substation devices. The integrated SWT 3000 teleprotection system provides binary I/O and Goose (IEC 61850) interfaces.

Expanded and efficient bandwidth utilization
HV powerline carrier systems typically operate in the frequency range up to 500 kHz. Classic HV PLC systems make use of bandwidth of up to 32 kHz per system, providing a maximum data rate of up to 320 kbps. In contrast to classic PLC systems, PowerLink IP utilizes a frequency band of up to 256 kHz, allowing a maximum data rate of up to 2 Mbps per transmission direction. In addition to the expanded frequency band, the efficient bandwidth utilization and simple frequency management are part of the core functionality of the PowerLink IP system.

Notched frequencies
Parts of the frequency band can be blocked (notched) within the channel band of a PowerLink IP system.

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