white LED / square / SMD / backlighting

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white LED / square / SMD / backlighting white LED / square / SMD / backlighting


  • Spectrum:


  • Configuration:


  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Electrical power:

    0.075 W



1.Rapid response time
2.Excellent high frequency charasitics
3.Good chromaticity uniformity
4.High luminous intensity output
5.Lower working voltage and current
6.Small and light with better impact resistance
7.Solid sealing, good stability
8.Better display effect with wider visual angle
9.Long life time over 50,000 hours

It is recommended using under constant current. Please take off the wrapping materials before installation Solder temperature: 260 ºC Soldering distance from the body: 1.6mm Soldering duration: less than 3 seconds Static prevention is needed when handling blue, green and white segments When working temperature is higher than 25 ºC, the ifm ifp & id must be decreased, the current reducing rate should be: 0.36mA/ ºC for DC current -0.86mA/ ºC for pulse current. The power consumption is -0.75mW/ ºC. The product working current must be less than 60% of the ifm or ifp depending on the working temperature

Product discription:

Height: Ф5 round,8*8 matrix
Color: red, blue, green and white
Pin connection : share anode
Style: black face with white segment
Wrapping: Transparent adhesive tape