air velocity data-logger / GSM / GPRS / RS-232 / with LCD display
MDL 4/1



  • Measured quantity:

    air velocity

  • Connector type:

    GSM / GPRS, RS-232

  • Display:

    with LCD display

  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, environmental, with analog output, automatic

  • Memory capacity:

    600,000 unit


The data loggers of the MDL family are reliable everywhere, where measuring data have to be precisely gathered, saved, processed and documented under extreme environmental conditions. The MDL 4/1 has got among others four analogue inputs and one for wind parameters.

Features and advantages
- Diverse possibilities of saving data: by interval, by condition or by event
- Actual value, minimum, maximum, mean value, sum, intensity, peak
- Comprehensive alarm functions via SMS, modem call or switch contact
- Quick retrieval of the actual measuring values via SMS
- Failsafe data saving for up to 600.000 records
- Quick and assistant-supported parametrisation
- Easy connection of diverse sensors by automatic internal input configuration

Fields of application
With a robust, reliable and economic design and technics, the MDL 4/1 is optimized for the usage in remote areas off any infrastructure. To fulfil specific requirements of measuring the data logger has a variety of functions for gathering, saving, alarming, managing and transferring of measurement data. For the operation in the field, the data logger mostly comes in a switch cabinet. Optionally the functions of the MDL 4/1 can be extended by a second serial interface for serial sensors.