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handling automatic guided vehicle / for warehouses



  • Applications:

    handling, for warehouses


The WEASEL® auto-guided transport system from SSI SCHAEFER is the ideal solution for automating transport tasks and existing storage systems. Flexible and highly efficient, the WEASEL® guarantees the safe transport of your containers, cartons, and even hanging goods. You can also use the WEASEL® outside of warehouses, for supplying production as an example.

The transport vehicles can be equipped for manual, semi-automated, or fully automated operation, depending on your requirements. Employees can supply a manual transfer station in advance, for example. The fleet controller handles the job of sending the WEASEL® to the corresponding station. The WEASEL® then automatically picks up the load carriers. Using a transfer conveyor makes the transfer process even more efficient. The conveyor has space for a large number of containers and is capable of buffering them and distributing them among the available vehicles in a dynamic process. In addition, it can also receive goods from the WEASEL® and transfer these to conventional conveying systems.