melting point measuring instrument / educational / benchtop / digital



  • Measured value:

    melting point

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    benchtop, digital, with display


The SMP10 model and SMP20 model are manufactured by Stuart Equipment, and are melting point devices that selects a temperature and measures and displays it digitally which makes it precise and eliminates the use of a thermometer . The SMP10 model shows temperature with a 1° resolution in a 3-digit LED display, and the SMP20 model shows the temperature with a 0.1° resolution with a 4-digit LED display.

They have an ambient temperature of up to 300 °C with a temperature accuracy of ± 1.0ºC at 20ºC, and ± 2.5ºC at 300 ºC.