portable torque tester / for screw caps



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for screw caps

  • Torque:

    10 Nm (7.38 ft.lb)


In 2017. Sure Torque is launching a complete new product line: the SmartLoadCell measuring devices. SmartLoadCells are wireless telemetric load cells that can be connected to any Android smartphone via Bluetooth, and so the Smartphone will act as the display and the controller of the load cell. The SmartLoadCell application will transfer the phone to a very sophisticated precocious measuring device.

General benefits of the SmartLoadCell concept:

- Economical telemetric systems, as it is not necessary to buy the remote unit
- Smartphones are having much bigger computing, graphical and memory capacity as any custom developed controller (and at lower cost)
- The smartphone can be used as background storage, but stored data’s are easy to transfer to pc via Bluetooth, wifi, internet or usb connection.
- SmartLoadCells are extra small and light

1 - Overview
SB-T is measuring application torque on running twist/screw cap capper, in production
SB-T can be accomodated to different container sizes and shapes:

- Size and shape can be modified with dummy bottles where SB-T can be integrated in
- Neck thread fitment can be changed (sainless steel or PET)
- Collar part can be changed (aluminium or PET)

2 - Application
Industries: beverage, pharmaceutical, packaging
Application area: production, maintenance
Use: Capper machine chuck torque control