CO2 laser marking machine / automatic / air-cooled / for non-metals
QL-FCO2L series



  • Technique:

    CO2 laser

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, air-cooled, for non-metals

  • X travel:

    100 mm

  • Y travel:

    100 mm


1. Machine's general introduction

This customized CO2 laser marking & printing designed for production date laser marking which special for food service industry, this kinds of CO2 laser coding machine with sensor and encoder which can detect the work piece flow speed on the production line and mark & print on the exact position of the work piece, machine with fast marking speed and no noise , no poison, no consumable parts, it can be instead of the traditional ink jet machine.

2. Machine's main features

2.1. Mechanical body is small, easy to install, easy access to the industrial production line .

2.2. The united states imported RF laser, a light stabilizer, marking with high quality.

2.3. The key components are made of first-class brand of advanced, low failure rate, long life, low maintenance.

2.4. World-class professional marking software featured with auto-coding, serial number, date, bar code, free upgrade .

2.5. Application to pipeline operations, data can be easily traced, save.

2.6. CO2 Laser marking no poison, no distortion, no pollution, wear-resistant, no consumables.

2.7. High speed scanning galvanometer, high performance RF laser, high speed, high precision .

2.8. Support a variety of popular graphic text formats such as PLT, PCX, BMP, EXF, etc, directly use SHX, TTF font.