trimming wheel / deburring / cylindrical

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trimming wheel / deburring / cylindrical trimming wheel / deburring / cylindrical


  • Function:

    trimming, deburring

  • Type:


  • Diameter:

    125 mm


• Wide range of uses due to the different types of non-woven materials in combination with the special structure of the abrasive grain
• Long lifetime for best possible performance, even on sharp edges thanks to the incredible wear-resistance
• Eliminates multiple grinding passes, since a very fine surface finish can be obtained in one step

Areas of application:
• Non-woven abrasive structure keeps the disc from becoming clogged with grinding material and ensures that the surface remains cool while being worked
• The user can choose from various materials whose density can be soft and flexible, and thus adaptable, or else hard and aggressive. The Clean-Runner can adapt perfectly to the shape of the workpiece thanks to its product characteristics
• The soft structure reduces the noise level significantly during the work process
• Fast removal
• Excellent surface quality – almost like being polished
• Surface finish can be improved without changing the shape and size of the workpiece
• Consists of multiple non-woven layers pressed together
• Suitable for all metallic materials, such as stainless steel, steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, chrome and nickel steel, titanium