cylindrical roller brush / sanding / slatted
615 2 Series



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Areas of application:
• Abrasive lamella rolls made of webbing or canvas or some such combination
• Abrasive lamella rolls made of webbing, canvas or some such combination, with M14 Internal thread made especially for use with angle grinders having an adjustable revolution
• Ideally suitable for surface preparation of high grade steels and Non Ferrous metals
• Excellent adaptation to surfaces due to the high degree of elasticity of the radially arrayed lamella, in particular to contoured or bend surfaces
• The abrasive web consists of non-webbed nylon fibres in which the abrasive grit is equally distributed
• The same results throughout the life of the tool
• Easy to handle and mobile due to the light weight construction and compact dimensions
• Able to used on dry and wet surfaces thus able to be used for coolant and lubrication materials
• Cost savings, since there is no need for expensive calender machinery