safety light curtain / multibeam / through-beam / IP20
SGC 11 series



  • Function:


  • Type of beam:


  • Configuration:


  • Protection level:


  • Operating range:

    5 m (16'04")


The SGC 11 can be used with the SGC 11 series light curtain transmitter detector SGT and receiver detector SGR. There is a potentiometer to deliver both automatic and manual sensitivity adjustment. The relay or NPN transistor output, allows for the selection of output. There are switches to select from long or short range, or the light or dark function. There is a time-out function selected through the help of a switch from 4 to 32 channels. With this feature, users can select the number of the channels that are to be ignored for a certain period of time, like, say from 0.3 to 10 minutes.