thermocouple feedthrough / for pharmaceutical autoclaves / multiple-element



  • Product applications:

    for thermocouples, for pharmaceutical autoclaves

  • Configuration:



The TCEG is a thermocouple entry gland (or feedthrough) that enables the rapid installation of multiple thermocouple wires into a pharmaceutical steam autoclave, for validation. By utilising different replaceable Teflon sealants, the gland can accommodate up to 18 thermocouples (TCEG/1) or 36 (TCEG/2). In addition to that, the use of a Y or T extension piece can allow two units to work together, giving a combined capacity of up to 72 thermocouples through one chamber entry port.

Options are available for different mounting styles, either with tri-clover flanges or a screwed connection. The gland body and wetted parts are made out of grade 316L (1.4404) stainless steel. The gland cap is made out from CZ112 marine brass, and has an integral locking system that prevents inadvertant removal of the cap.