electrical cable feedthrough / for insulated wires / multiple-element / heat-resistant
PL series



  • Product applications:

    for electrical cables, for insulated wires

  • Configuration:


  • Protection level:


  • Other characteristics:

    vacuum, for high-pressure applications, high-current, high-voltage, with electrodes


Conax Technologies presents PL range of sealing glands. They allow passing of numerous insulated conductors through a single gland/entry with soft seal technology. They are suitable for both pressure as well as vacuum applications. Grade 316L stainless steel of type 1.4404 is used for all wetted parts.

Standard delivery includes Teflon® or Grafoil® sealants and gland having 600mm Kapton® insulated wire. Temperature range is between -240°C and +232°C. Pressure range at 20°C is vacuum to 690 bar. Also available are optional mounting arrangement types with weld-neck, screwed or tri-clover flanges suitable for sanitary/hygienic systems. Wires are available in size range of 20AWG to 8AWG with 1 to 18 seals. Also available are thermocouple material or copper conductors.

The glands can be also provided untorqued with no wires. They eliminate the need of potting. To facilitate repeated usage, sealant replacements are available.