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water cleaner / single-phase / mobile water cleaner / single-phase / mobile


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The newly re-engineered, variable speed Wils-Matic™ Auto Tube Puncher reduces cleaning time by an average of 50%, doubling the amount of cleaning that can be preformed compared to units without self-feeding functionality. A feeder gun controls shaft rotation, shaft feed and water flow. The WAM 5500-500 is designed for wet applications and the removal of light to medium deposits in straight tubes including: heat exchangers, condensers, chillers, absorbers and coolers up to fifty feet in length.

New Variable Speed Control
Compact Dolly-Mounted Drive Unit
Lighter Weight – 15 lbs. less than before.
Crazy Fast – Self-feeding action cleans in
about half the time of manually fed units.

How it works:
During operation, a feeder gun controls shaft rotation, shaft feed, and the water flow. By just pressing the top of the trigger, you will rotate the shaft clockwise, start water flow, and feed the Shaft & Casing into the tube. By pressing the bottom of the trigger, you will reverse the shaft rotation and pull out the Shaft & Casing from the inside of the tube. The distance to be cleaned is set by an adjustable Shaft & Casing length stop unit, and the shaft feed stops when it reaches the set distance.

Cleaning Straight Tubes in Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Chillers, Absorbers, Water Heaters, Coolers and Other Small Diameter Pressure Vessels
1/2 – 1 1/4-Inch (15.9 to 31.8 mm) Outer Diameter Tubes
Removing Light to Medium Soft Deposits

Auto Tube Puncher Kit Includes:
Electronic Drive Unit with portable dolly
Feeder Gun Assembly
Shaft & Casing - 45'feet
Shaft Length Stop unit
Service Manual SM-165