time and frequency generator / disciplined / GNSS
TMG3400, TMG4200, TMG4300, TMG4500, TMG4700



  • Type:

    time and frequency

  • Other characteristics:

    disciplined, GNSS


The TMG4300 is a GNSS disciplined
time & frequency generator
specifically designed for low noise
The equipment is housed in 1U 19"
standard case.
GNSS signal is used for long term
disciplining of the internal oscillator.
The internal GNSS receiver is a specific
receiver dedicated to time
application. It's a bi-constellation
model able to acquire both GPS and
GLONASS satellites simultaneously. It
delivers a very high precision UTC
second reference pulse.
Irig-B generator
The equipment includes a IRIG time
code generator that allows to provide:
- an IRIGB12x signal (amplitude
modulated analog signal) on both
- An unmodulated signal IRIGB00x
(DCLS) on a RS485 serial link.
These signals are in phase with the
internal 1PPS equipment itself
synchronized on the 1PPS of GNSS