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digital level / magnetic / adjustable

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digital level / magnetic / adjustable digital level / magnetic / adjustable - DL-501


  • Other characteristics:

    digital, magnetic, adjustable


World’s Highest Precision
Digital Level
• 0.2mm Precision*
• Auto Focus*
• 2.5 sec High-Speed Measurement
• 20lx. Minimum Brightness
• Dual-axis Tilt Sensor
• Remote Trigger for Wireless Operation
• Line Leveling Program
• 10,000 Points Internal Memory
• SD/SDHC Card / USB Port

Technologies for Precision
The DL-501 series incorporates an array of advanced
technologies to achieve the highest leveling accuracy in the
• RAB-Code technology, superior optics, market-proven
compensator and magnetic damping system ensure
precise staff readings.
• Dual-axis compensator notifies instrument tilt, Remote
Trigger prevents accidental jolts, and Auto Focus (DL-501
Advanced model) eliminates incomplete focusing.   
These unique technologies remove major error factors.
• Even in the dim light conditions, if the staff surface   
brightness is 20lx or more, the DL-501 series can read the
staffs without compromising accuracy.
Measurement Programs
Onboard program supports line leveling and data recording.
• Methods: BF, BFFB, BBFF, BFBF, aBF, aBFFB, aFBBF
• Up to two intermediate sights can be measured in each set.
• Adjustable tolerances and error calculation functions allow
for on-site accuracy checks.