bottle rinsing machine / air

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bottle rinsing machine / air bottle rinsing machine / air


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Using state of the art rinsing technology and patented twist design transportation, bottles and containers are rinsed without ever leaving the air conveyor.

Other rinsing units, have inherent interface problems on the infeed and outfeeds or are very expensive and take up a large footprint within the production area.

The new TWIST RINSER, with its unique design becomes part of the air conveyor as a stand alone unit or part of a new or existing air conveyor system. This eliminates difficult interfaces and large production area footprints.

Entering the rinse zone bottles or containers are inverted through 180degrees to allow them to be rinsed and then inverted back to their original orientation without leaving the air conveyor.

Once the bottles are inverted they pass over the IonRinse unit which is composed of 1 row of ionising bars, which alternate in charge +/- constantly as air passes over them.

The IonRinse system combines powerful AC ionisation, with high level inline filtration to provide the ultimate ionised air rinser.

Using high volume centrifugal fans with high velocity and Hepa filtered ionised, the air leaves the main unit and enters into the container via the air distributor. The controlled of airflow combined neutralisation of static charges releases contamination from the inner walls of the container which is collected by the vacuum airflow & extracted.

No water costs
No water or chemical residue
No compressed air costs
No chemical costs
Minimal maintenance requirements
Fully integrated control system
Easy integration into existing air conveyor systems
Stand alone compact system