fixed-wing UAV / aerial photography / monitoring / composite
Penguin B



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    aerial photography, monitoring

  • Other characteristics:


  • Payload:

    10 kg (22.046 lb)

  • Endurance:

    20 h


Key Features
Penguin B platform ready for payload
and autopilot integration
20+ hour endurance with
Fuel injected engine option
Up to 10 kg payload capacity
80 W power from onboard generator
Free Piccolo® autopilot configuration files
Catapult, car-top or runway takeoff
Wide range of standard subsystems and
Extensive documentation set
Short lead time for standard
4 day integrator training available

Penguin's B overview

Penguin B is a high-performance semi-integrated small UAV platform available for final assembly and customization by UAV system integrators. The Penguin B has been available since 2009, and it has been sold to UAV system integrators in more than 47 countries. Due to its proven design and more than 140 options to choose from, Penguin B has become the most widely used small UAV platform by system integrators, research organizations and universities.

Penguin B allows users to kick-start small fixed wing UAV production with the use of an industry-proven airframe and superior subsystems and components.

Designed as a high performance unmanned airframe, Penguin B is capable of up to 26.5 hour endurance with a 4 kg payload. With a small footprint of 3.3 meter wingspan, Penguin B can handle up to 11.5 kg of combined fuel and payload weight. Modular composite structure, fast assembly, large access hatches, removable payload bay, are the key features of the Penguin B innovative design.