minimal quantity lubrication system / air/oil / metal machining / programmable

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minimal quantity lubrication system minimal quantity lubrication system - Revolution™


  • Lubricant:


  • Type:

    minimal quantity

  • Applications:

    metal machining

  • Other characteristics:



The Revolution™ is designed to bring all the benefits of Minimum Quantity Lubrication to your CNC machining or turning center. M-Code inputs control two independent MQL outputs and a pulsed air blow-off nozzle.

Revolution™: MQL technology for CNC machines
The Unist Revolution™ is the world's first integrated, programmable Minimum Quantity Lubrication ( MQL ) applicator designed specifically for CNC machines. Its patent pending technology brings the same level of computer-controlled accuracy, precision, and repeatability to your cutting tool lubrication as the CNC controls bring to your machining operations.

The CNC lubrication system can be configured with one or two oil/air outputs which can be used for either external spray nozzles or through the spindle lubrication. The output volume of the Uni-Max Revolution™ can be tailored to each tool in a machine directly from the CNC program, allowing for optimization of each machining process.

U.S. Pat. No. 8,934,998

Uni-Max Revolution™ Saves You Money!
The Uni-Max Revolution{tm} not only improves the efficiency of your CNC machines, but also your bottom line. Unist CNC lubrication systems routinely eliminate the need for flood coolant while also significantly increasing tool life and feed rates. Fluid disposal costs are now a thing of the past, and overall production costs can be reduced by up to 15%. Since the lubricant application is so minimal, your chips will be dry and ready to recycle without any further processing. Now that is revolutionary!