column type lift table / manual / stationary
A39 series



  • Technology:

    column type

  • Operation:


  • Type:


  • Capacity:

    11.3 kg (24.9 lb)

  • Lift:

    Max.: 83 mm

    Min.: 25 mm


There are four series of UniSlide Elevating Tables to address applications that require additional strength, rigidity and versatility. The models in three of the series are designed using the rugged proven UniSlide Linear Stages as the free-standing base mounted in the vertical position with a heavy-duty right-angle platform to carry the payload. The fourth series – the smaller A39 – pushes up from underneath the platform for a 360° unobstructed lift.

Velmex pre-configured Elevating Tables lift to a height of 15.5" (393.7 mm) with a travel distance of 9" (165.1 mm). The large table can handle a payload to 100 lbs. (45.5 kg.).

Velmex pre-configured Elevating Tables are manually operated. To lift a payload utilizing a motor, look at using a motorized UniSlide® or BiSlide® mounted vertically. Should the need for a different configuration, length or payload capacity arise, most manual or motorized Velmex linear stages can be mounted vertically and used as an elevating table.