automatic feeding system / packaging machine for the food industry / for production lines / for packaging machines
3VRP15 / 3VRP18 / 3VRP22



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  • Applications:

    packaging machine for the food industry, for production lines, for packaging machines

  • Products carried:

    materials, for viscous fluids


The material feed systems 3VRP15, 3VRP18 and 3VRP22 ensure smooth and reliable product supplying of abrasive, high-filled or shear sensitive material - with optimal preparation and excellent emptying results under 1 %!

Absolutely consistent dosing of a wide variety of materials and reliable product supply are guaranteed. The material undergoes optimal preparation for dosing by means of agitation and circulation.

Your advantages:
- processing of self-levelling materials
- longtime experience in dosing flux / soldering flux
- very low shear stress of material
- very low pressure load on material (max. 18 bar)
- emptying of material with filler content
- no backflow in the emptying pump
- electrical control of pump with pressure regulation
- no air supply required
- valveles pump system
- due to electronic pressure setting no material pressure reducers required
- excellent emptying results (less than 1% residue)

- feed and treatment of medium to high-viscosity material such as: silicones, adhesives, resins, fats, colour pastes or metal filled pastes (Cu and Ni solder pastes, Al and Ag pastes)
- direct dosing as pulsation-free flow, e.g. also in screen-printing machines
- decanting of media, e.g. into cartridges
- material feed to dispensers

Technical data:
- model: 3VRP15 | 3VRP18 | 3VRP22
- dosing volume: ~ 4,0 | ~ 7,5 | ~ 13,5 ml/rev.
- max. supply (input) pressure: 10 bar*
- operating temperature: +10° to +40°C *
- temperature of material: -20° to +100°C *
- max. speed: 150 upm *
- content: 15 l | 25 l
* (depends on material)