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UHPLC column UHPLC column - Atlantis®


Atlantis T3 Columns are ideal for diverse analyte mixtures
Providing balanced retention of polar and non-polar molecules, Atlantis® T3 columns are the culmination of more than three decades of experience and understanding in stationary-phase design. With selective optimization of pore diameter, C18-ligand density and endcapping, Atlantis T3 columns provide paramount retention for polar compounds, while exhibiting industry leading peak shape and efficiency for all analytes as well as exceptional chemical stability across a wide pH range.

The brilliant performance provided by T3 bonding technology can be achieved across HPLC and UPLC® Technology platforms. ACQUITY UPLC® HSS T3 columns incorporate the same T3 bonding and endcapping technology as Atlantis T3 columns, thus providing the same versatility and performance independent of your separation platform.

Atlantis HILIC Silica Columns for enhanced retention of polar compounds

Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC) is a chromatographic technique that can be used to improve retention of very polar species that are poorly retained by reversed-phase chromatography.

Atlantis HILIC Silica columns employ an organic-rich mobile phase to induce retention, therefore providing increased mass spectrometry response, making HILIC an attractive technique for bionalytical scientists.