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multifunction drilling rig / crawler / rotary / hydraulic



  • Applications:


  • Mobility:


  • Drilling unit:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Drilling diameter:

    2,500 mm

  • Drilling depth:

    90 m (295'03")


1、It adopts dedicated hydraulic retractable crawler chassis and heavy slewing bearing and has high stability.
2、It adopts the luffing mechanism of large triangle form to ensure the stability of construction of big holes and deep piles in hard formation.
3、It adopts the front-located single-rope main winch structure to greatly prolong the service life of steel wire rope and lower the use cost.
4、It adopts the imported Cummins turbo-supercharged engine with three gears. Users can select corresponding gears according to different working conditions to achieve the effect of a drilling rig driven by three engines.
5、Normal mode and entering-rock mode of Rotary drive are available for operation in soil and rock to improve the construction efficiency.
6、Winch-pressurized and sleeve-driven functions are available for selection to satisfy various needs of the users.
7、It is equipped with a centralized lubrication system as standard configuration; maintenance is easy.