inspection camera / machine vision / SWIR / HD
Bobcat-640-CL XENICS



  • Function:

    inspection, machine vision

  • Spectrum:


  • Technology:


  • Interface:

    Camera Link

  • Other characteristics:

    indoor, ultra-compact, high-sensitivity, low-light, for biomedical research, for research and development, small form factor, for pharmaceutical applications, low-noise, InGaAs, high dynamic range, high-end, for spectroscopy, for scientific applications, low-noise level, laboratory, stabilized


The Bobcat-640-CL, manufactured by Xenics, is a high sensitivity InGaAs infrared camera which operates on low noise and dark current. Its small construction allows integration with SWIR InGaAs camera with a board image processing as well as Thermo Electric stabilization. This integration permits operation with minimal noise as well as dark current levels resulting in an image that has a high quality.

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