thermal kiln / large-size
vertical lime kiln



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Fuel :available solid fuels such as coke, bituminous coal, anthracite, briquette.
Capacity :100-300t/d
Feeding size :40-80mm (The raw material >80mm can not exceed 5%, <40mm can not exceed 5%)
Applications :Metallurgy, construction, agriculture, calcium carbide, environmental protection and chemical industries.

Mainly complete the automatic weighing compensation and control for the processes of mixing, kiln calcining and lime discharging.
(1) Automatic and manual system are both equipped. Except for the manual operation of the on-site operation box, all of them can be controlled by computer operation in the central control room.
(2) The data of all instruments (such as pressure gauge, flow meter, temperature instrument) is displayed on the computer and can be printed by the printer.
(3) Perfect WINCC human-machine interface operating system.
(4) Complete Siemens intelligent weighing module batching, weighing and compensation system.
(5) Reliable lime kiln material level gauges, smart masters and other proprietary equipment.
(6) Perfect on-site camera monitoring system. Real-time live images and central control computer data, accurately grasp every link of the production line.
(7) Reliable Siemens PLC system, inverter and industrial computer two-level microcomputer intelligent system.
(8) Environmentally friendly. According to environment protection policies and production needs, it can be equipped with a soot treatment system and a desulfurization system to achieve legal emission.