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Who we are


Standard parts

Coming from a background in precision mechanical engineering, our know-how has enabled us to build up the professional competences which are essential to serve today’s customerUsing feedback from you- the customer, we design and develop the practical solutions to the challenges of fast-moving production technology. In many cases alongside large public and private companies and often along with National Mechanical Engineering Education Institution, we are constantly improving our product offering.

Whether it is the design and development of new concepts or the production of standard parts, you will always find in us a willing partner.

Our production conforms to ISO 9001 version 2015

From design through application engineering to delivery to your door we provide and monitor the best service for both standard and special productsOur sales department handles your queries and orders quickly and professionally. Readily available to help you select the right products.
Our high quality manufacturing includes systematic quality checks.
Thanks to our know-how inherited from our extended experience and our flexibility, our production plant produces a great variety of high quality products

Sales management

Our sales and distribution network on all five continents allows our specialists to quickly and effectively satisfy your requirements using our integrated technical and quality systems.

If you need any commercial information ( price, delivery time), please, feel free to call our export department

Our values

At norelem, we consider ourselves to be an integral part of a culture of dynamic innovation. We are constantly working on extending our range of standardised elements.

We invest in the most modern logistical structures so that we can respond to our customers' wishes even more flexibly and quickly. We also have incredibly high standards when it comes to the quality of all our products.

With the BIG GREEN BOOK, we offer a complete range of standardised elements.
The BIG GREEN BOOK provides support to constructors and technicians so that they can implement their ideas – as effectively as possible.
We believe in always being one step ahead and that fostering talented individuals is an important investment in the future. Taking responsibility and working with long-term projections are values very much anchored in our company. Because only by fostering young talent will we be able to make tomorrow's ideas a reality.

Our presence around the world