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HBM, the world leader in strain gage based measurement and transducers, offers you a large variety of load cells and load...

load pin force sensor - 20 - 160 kN | KLB / KLE / KLU series

The Magtrol wedge sockets are used on fixed point to
measure load and forces and provide overload...

load pin - 2.5 - 1 250 kN | LB 210 series

Magtrol Load Measuring Pins are used to measure load
and force and provide overload protection. The pins are
mounted into machines in place of
normal shafts and...

load pin - 5 - 1 250 kN | LB 230 series

Load Measuring Pins form Magtrol are designed for overload protection in measuring force and load. It produces a signal proportional to the measured load as it is mounted in the...

load pin - max. 1 250 kN | LE/LU series

Magtrol Load Measuring Pins(LE/LU Series)are designed to provide overload protection by measuring force and load accurately. These Magtrol products are manufactured...

load pin - 1 - 12 kN | MB-02 series

The Magtrol Load measuring pins in this product series are suitable for measuring the load and force, providing overload protection. The pins can be mounted...

load pin - max. 200 kg, IP65 | M15

The M15 is an luminum load pin load cell with integrated electronics developed by Scaime....

load pin - max. 100 t, IP65 | M16

The Stainless Steel Load Pin by Scaime is ideally designed to provide a good quality performance and functionality....

load pin force sensor / stainless steel - 5 000 - 100 000 kg | PRX

The PRX series of load pins from Pavone Sistemi is specially designed for the exacting requirements of providing accurate load measurements, for weighing...

load pin force sensor / stainless steel - 500 - 4 000 kg | PRN-PRX

The PRN and PRX Series are composed with load-pin load cells. The cells measure weighing systems...

load pin force sensor / stainless steel - 5 000 - 100 000 kg, -20 ... 150 °C | PRX HT

The PRX HT from Pavone Sistemi is designed specifically for measurement, weighing systems, or...

load pin force sensor / for cranes - GS series


* Custom sizes available on request
* Direct Sequence-Spread Spectrum-Two Way Communication
* Transmission Range: 4,000 feet; 1,300 meters
* Ships as standard with 1-"D" Cell lithium battery,...

load pin force sensor - max. 200 kg

Typical single point load cell designed for the high accuracy for 0.025 %...

load pin force sensor - SB-32

The load pin works according to the strength measuring principle on a transverse basis to the longitudinal axis.

The SB-32 was developed especially for strength measuring...

load pin force sensor / stainless steel - 0.5 - 8 000 t, IP67 | SPT series

The SPT Series, manufactured by Ados Electronic Weighing, features a stainless steel load pin...

lifting shackle - max. 400 t, IP 67 | TX-400T

The TX-400T is designed with an Inox construction of...

load pin force sensor - 10 - 5 000 kN, IP 69k | 0201 series

BROSA force measuring pins are made of high-strength stainless steel and meet the highest requirements. Depending...

load pin force sensor / stainless steel - max. 100 t, IP68 | PR series

The PR series is a stainless steel load pin load cell manufactured by Celmi. It can be used in operations...

load pin force sensor / stainless steel - 5 000 - 20 000 kg, IP 67 | LAU series

The LAU Series manufactured by Laumas, is a pin load cell that is made from a...

load pin force sensor / custom-made - max. 1 000 t, IP65 | 5000

The Model 5000 is a load pin from Sensy that is designed for installation in the same place of a standard axle without making any modification in the existing mechanical environment....

load pin force sensor - max. 1 000 t | 5050

The 5050 by Sensy is a Submerged Load Pin designed for underwater application....

load pin force sensor / stainless steel - max. 100 t, IP65 | 5300

The Standard Load Pin is ideally designed to provide an excellent quality performance and functionality for very specific purposes. It is built with a sturdy design and a stainless steel...

load pin force sensor / stainless steel - max. 20 t, IP65 | 5000B, 5600B

Load measuring wedge socket designed to measure the force applied on a cable.
- CE certified for hoisting applications
- Sturdy design
- Load-pin : stainless steel
- Protection IP 65

load pin force sensor / for shackles - max. 400 t, IP65-IP67 | 5000M

The 5000M is load measuring shackle made to provide measurement of tension forces. The shackle have a robust design for easy installations....

load pin force sensor - max. 100 t, IP65 / 67 | PI

The Pin Load Cells are ideally designed with a robust and modern finish to meet the...

lifting shackle - max. 25 t

The shackle load cell, manufactured by N.B.C. Elettronica, has been created to monitor...

load pin force sensor - max. 300 kN | 5715 - 5795 series

The model 5715 and 5795 are single-ended load pins manufactured by BCM Sensor. They serve as traction-force sensors, which are installed in crane scales, hopper weighing, process system, and...

load pin force sensor - max. 50 000 kg | 6795 series

The 6795 model is a load pin developed from the BCM 6798 tube-like pin, and has uses as a single-ended load transducer. The 6795 utilizes the bending beam principle, which allows for...

load pin force sensor - max. 800 kN | 5718 - 5798 series

It has a double-ended shear-beam with 10 kN to 800 kN capability and a 0.2%fs precision, and conditioned transmission present as per customer's needs. It has a mild-steel engineering with nickel plated treatment for the 5718 edition and 17-4PH...

load pin force sensor / stainless steel - max. 100 t | 6798(A) / 6798(B)

The 6798 load pin is a newly developed load transducer of tube-like construction, which is made from 17-4PH stainless steel. In this tube-like construction, the strain gauges are bonded on the inside surface of the tube and are eventually wired
to form the Wheatstone circuit. Owing to its tubelike construction, the 6798 load pin features...

load pin force sensor / for cranes - max. 1 000 kN | 5719 - 5799 series

- double-ended shear-beam
- capacity from 10 kN to 1000 kN
- conditioned signal available on request
- accuracy of 0.2%fs
- mild steel construction with nickel plated treatment (5719)
17-4PH construction (5799)
- environment protection grade up to IP 68 (only for 5799)
- draft sensors
- crane scales

load pin force sensor - LP1

Flintec load pins are designed to meet the most stringent accuracy and environmental conditions.

In addition to a standard range of load pins, Flintec is able to design and manufacture load pins to suit specific customer applications....

load pin force sensor / stainless steel - max. 50 t | DBEP series

The DEBP series of shear pin load cells are suitable for the measurement of tensile and compressive forces across a huge...

load pin force sensor - max. 200 kN | 5301, 5308 series

The 5301 and 5308 series by Noshok is a Load pin load cell which comes with a variety of sizes and shapes for direct replacement...

load pin force sensor - max. 200 kN | 5301, 5308 series

Standard loadcells

Based on a longtime experience, Peekel Instruments can deliver a wide range of standard...

load pin force sensor - 6.5 - 455 t | SLSP series

The SLSP Stainless Steel Sensor Pin series of load measurement pins are designed for general use. They are machined from high tensile stainless steel and are normally supplied complete with anti-rotation flats or plates. The standard sensor pin is supplied exactly as per the technical data sheet and is ordered by specific part number...

lifting shackle - max. 400 t

Our Shearpin load cells are manufactured...

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