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assembly paste - LGAF 3E

The LGAF 3E, which is manufactured by Skf, is an anti-fretting agent that has been developed to provide efficient, and reliable quality performance....

thermally conductive paste -

The Heating-Ring.Paste, which is manufactured by Schaeffler, is a heat conducting paste...

assembly paste - -30°C ... 150°C

Schaeffler offers a mounting paste that can be used for application in bearing rings.


thermally conductive paste - COMPOUND

The Compound is a silicone thermal evacuation compound manufactured by Jelt. It has an outstanding resistance against...

anti-seize paste - MOLYKOTE® P-37

The MOLYKOTE® P-37 antiseize paste from Dow Corning is a completely uncontaminated,...

anti-seize paste / lubricants - max. 650 °C | MOLYKOTE® CU-7439

The Dow Corning Molykote® CU-7439 PLUS is a high performance copper paste designed...

grease paste - Permatex® 80345 / 81981

The Permatex® White Lithium Grease is ideal for hood latches, trunk latches, garage...

assembly paste - Permatex® Ultra Slick™ 81950

The Ultra Slick, which is manufactured by Permatex, is an engine assembly lubricant that has been developed...

anti-seize paste - -51 °C ... +871 °C | Permatex®

The Anti-Seize Lubricant from Permatex® was engineered out of a comprehensive mixture of copper, aluminum, and graphite-element...

anti-seize paste - -34 °C ... +982 °C | Permatex® 09128 / 31163

Permatex®'s Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant agent is capable of delivering extensive levels of corrosion protection, seizing prevention, and galling tolerance...

anti-seize paste - max. 1 316 °C | Permatex®

The Permatex® Nickel Anti-Seize Lubricant provides protection from seizing and galling of metal...

assembly paste - Biresin®

Biresin® M72 is a brown PUR model paste that decreases internal stresses with its...

assembly paste - IRIX HP - LUPASTE CU 151 LSM

The IRIX HP - LUPASTE CU 151 LSM, which is manufactured by Motul, is a mineral oil based assembly paste that has been developed...

assembly paste - IRIX HP - LUPASTE CCM 22 Gmo

The Motul IRIX HP - LUPASTE CCM 22 GMo was engineered for lubricating and mechanical unit installation applications....

thermally conductive paste / non-silicone - -50 °C ... +130 °C | HTC

Electrolube Heat Transfer Compound is recommended where the efficient and reliable thermal coupling of electrical and electronic components is required or between any surface where...

thermally conductive paste / non-silicone - HTCA

Electrolube's Non-Silicone Heat Transfer Compound Aerosol is an innovative new way of applying our standard HTC. The aerosol version offers greater ease of use, allowing a thin, even film of HTC to be...

thermally conductive paste / non-silicone - HTCP

HTCP provides the ultimate in thermal conductivity together with the advantage of using non-silicone base oil. The exceptional properties obtained from HTCP are due to the novel...

thermally conductive paste / non-silicone - HTCPX

HTCPX provides the ultimate in thermal conductivity together with the advantage of using non-silicone base oil. The exceptional properties obtained from HTCPX are due to the novel use of various metal oxide (ceramic) powders. These materials...

thermally conductive paste / non-silicone - HTCX

Electrolube HTCX is an enhanced version of HTC featuring improved thermal conductivity, lower oil bleed, and lower evaporation weight loss. HTCX is recommended where the efficient and reliable thermal coupling of...

assembly paste - Klüberpaste 46 MR 401

Product description

Klüberpaste 46 MR 401 is a multipurpose lubricating paste with selected base...

assembly paste - Klüberbio EM 72-81

Product description

Klüberbio EM 72-81 is a light-coloured lubricating and assembly paste...

high-temperature assembly paste - Klüberpaste HEL 46-450

Product description

Klüberpaste HEL 46-450 is a black hot screw paste for high-alloy steels. It contains...

high-temperature assembly paste - Klüberpaste UH1 96-402

Product description

Klüberpaste UH1 96-402 is a high-temperature paste designed for versatile assembly purposes in hygienically sensitive environments....

anti-seize paste - DUOTEMPI PMY 45

Product description

DUOTEMPI PMY 45 is a light-coloured high-pressure lubricating paste for frictional connections subject to medium temperatures in predominantly dry environments. DUOTEMPI...

assembly paste / with PTFE - max. 150 °C | MI-setral-5 B

MI-setral-5 B

Assembly paste

Additional Information

Light, highly effective assembly and grease paste on PTFE basis.


Keyway profiles and other sliding surfaces in office machines,...

assembly paste / MoS2 - max. 450 °C | MI-setral-7 N

Assembly paste

Additional Information

MoS₂ assembly paste with low coefficient of friction.


General purpose assembly paste for reduction of friction...

high-temperature paste - MI-setral-9 B

High-temperature paste

Additional Information

High-temperature paste with synergistic acting white solid lubricants.


Lubrication of ball bearings, press...

multipurpose paste / copper - max. 1180 °C | MI-setral-9 C

Additional Information

Multi-purpose screw paste on copper basis for a wide temperature application range.


All screw and plug connections, sealings,...

anti-seize paste / lubricants - -30 ... 1180 °C | MI-setral-9 M

MAssembly paste

Additional Information

Aluminium based general purpose lubricating and assembly paste for normal and high temperatures.



thermally conductive paste - OKS 1103

Heat Sink Paste

Protection of sensitive electronic components against...

assembly paste / MoS2 - OKS 200, OKS 220 series

OKS 200
Assembly lubrication for press-on processes. Run-in lubrication of highly loaded sliding surfaces. Prevents wearing, stick-slip,...

high-temperature paste - OKS 217

Assembly lubrication of screw threaded connection made of high-strength...

assembly paste / MoS2 - OKS 221

MoS2 Rapid Paste, Spray

Assembly lubrication for press-on processes....

MoS2 paste / high-temperature - OKS 230

For high-temperature applications up to 450 °C (dry lubrication from approx.200...

MoS2 paste / high-temperature - OKS 230

The Flowdrill lubricant works to reduce the build up of parent material...

anti-seize paste - max. 982 °C


Lead free
Not affected by contraction,...

anti-seize paste - max. 1427 °C


Strong resistance to water wash off

anti-seize paste - -54 °C ... +982 °C


Contains no metals
Lowers friction; reduces wrench torque

anti-seize paste - -40 °C ... +1000 ºC | 797

Product Information

ANTI-SEIZE 797 is a high temperature anti-seize paste containing nickel & graphite with controlled levels of chlorine and sulphur. Particularly suitable for nimonic...

anti-seize paste - -10 °C ... 1100 ºC

Product Information

ANTI-SEIZE Compound is a multi-purpose copper based anti-seize compound that prevents seizure and galling of all...

anti-seize paste - Regular Grade

Product Information

ANTI-SEIZE Regular Grade is a paste based on graphite, copper and aluminium powders to avoid seizing in mechanisms and threaded...

MoS2 paste / high-temperature - -50 °C ... +450 °C | DRY MOLY

A dry film coating of molybdenum disulphide in paste form. It is designed to lubricate sliding mechanisms such as plain bearings, pins, cams and slides where...

anti-seize paste - FOODLUBE

Product Information

A superior performance, white anti-seize and assembly paste developed for protecting fasteners and lubricating bushes, slides and small open gears.

Ideally suited for use...

anti-seize paste - FOODLUBE

All kinds of influencing factors, such as moisture and friction, lead to damage due to corrosion,...

anti-seize paste - FOODLUBE

Copper Paste is a protecting, separating and lubricating agent for highly stressed parts, used as assembly lubricant for threaded joints and sliding surfaces of all kinds.

Copper Paste ApplicationCopper Paste...

anti-seize paste - FOODLUBE

Universal anti-seize paste

White, universal...

anti-seize paste - METAL 1100 CU 10

METAL 1100 CU 10 is a copper antiseize paste, electro-conductive, high temperature.
It facilitates assembly and enables dismantling of mechanisms that have been subjected...

assembly paste / MoS2 - MOS 450

This product is usually applied on clean surfaces by friction. It
allows to make an important plating on mechanical components
before assembly or on metalworking equipment.
The action of MoS²...

anti-seize paste / high-temperature - FDA - 785 / 785 FG

The new generation anti-seize compound contains a blend of ultrafine, inorganic solid lubricants in a non-carbonizing, ashless synthetic...

anti-seize paste / high-temperature - 725

High temperature, extreme pressure, corrosion resistant anti-seize compound and assembly lubricant. Formulated blend of copper, aluminum, and graphite...

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