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20 products ACE
new ACE 30 - 13000 lbs | LEV series
rubber-metal damper 30 - 13000 lbs | LEV series ACE

Height-adjustable machine mounts from the LEV product group are maintenance-free and ready to install. The precise, adjustable LEV machine mounts are used whenever machines require an adjustable, stable...

new ACE 20 - 400 lbs | CM series
rubber-metal damper 20 - 400 lbs | CM series ACE

The CM cup mount protect machinery, vehicles and equipment against damaging vibrations and shocks. They are maintenance-free machine mounts. Cup mounts are designed for harsh enviroments...

new ACE 35 - 1100 lbs | COM series
rubber-metal damper 35 - 1100 lbs | COM series ACE

The COM compression mounts are high-performance equipment mounting elements for vertical machine applications. These robust, neoprene elastomer equipment mounts are primarily used in heavy-duty applications,...

new ACE 3 - 50 lbs | AAM series
rubber-metal damper 3 - 50 lbs | AAM series ACE

The vibration isolation mount (All-Attitude Mount) of the AAM product group are maintenancefree and ready-to-install isolators that...

new ACE 110 - 2200 lbs | SFM series
rubber-metal damper 110 - 2200 lbs | SFM series ACE

These sturdy, fail-safe isolators of the SFM product group are maintenance-free, ready-to-install machine elements. Neoprene is the standard damping...

new ACE 4 - 18 lbs | BM series
rubber-metal damper 4 - 18 lbs | BM series ACE

The BM low frequency vibration dampers are used to isolate small devices,...

1 products CONTITECH
suspension system for railway applications CONTITECH

The Railway Engineering arm of ContiTech Air Spring Systems concentrates...

9 products APSOparts®
APSOparts® 12.2058.0701
rubber suspension element 12.2058.0701 APSOparts®

Material elastomer part:NR, black Material case:steel, lightly lubricated Product description:the...

APSOparts® 12.2045.9001
vibration damping plate 12.2045.9001 APSOparts®

Material:NR with steel sheet insert Product description:Due to the double-sided nub shape even thrust...

APSOparts® 12.2046.6001
vibration damping plate 12.2046.6001 APSOparts®

Material elastomer part:NR Material insert:Steel sheet Product description:Due to the double-sided...

APSOparts® 12.2130.0801
rubber suspension element 12.2130.0801 APSOparts®

Material elastomer part:NR, black Material tube:steel galvanized, chromated Product description:The...

APSOparts® 12.2135.3148
rubber suspension element 12.2135.3148 APSOparts®

Hardness:50 Shore A Material elastomer part:NR, black Material tube:steel, phosphorated...

APSOparts® 12.2032.0101
vibration damping plate 12.2032.0101 APSOparts®

Material:NBR with textile fibre, black Coating:Top and bottom side with slide protection profile Hardness:approx. 90 IRHD or approx. 86 Shore A...

1 products ELESA
rubber-metal damper DVA ELESA

Base - DVA: glossy zinc-plated steel. - DVA-SST: AISI 304 stainless steel. Vibration-damping body Natural rubber NR, hardness 40, 55, 70 ±5 Shore A, black colour. Standard executions - DVA.1:...

new ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH max. 10000 N | HBD-70 series
hydraulic damper max. 10000 N | HBD-70 series ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH

Compression and extension forces are adjustable independently from each other Sensitive adjustment via special v-groove Also adjustable when mounted Damping...

1 products FIBRO
elastomer spring FIBRO

We offer a wide range of elastomer springs, spring shape elements, ejectors and scrapers made of polyurethane rubber. Under the column "elastomers", you...

ITT Enidine Inc. WEAR™ series
vibration damper for pipework WEAR™ series ITT Enidine Inc.

WEAR™ (Wire Energy Absorbing Rope) pipe restraints are uniquely packaged wire rope isolators designed to protect structures from steady state vibration and isolate them from seismic and dynamic...

1 products Misumi America
1 products Movomech
Movomech 0.5 - 20 kg/cm² | SP series
vibration damping plate 0.5 - 20 kg/cm² | SP series Movomech

Sunnex SP is a machine pad suitable for a wide range of applications. Sunnex SP provides insulation against impact, vibration and structure-borne noise. A special cellular design neutralises vibration...

5 products BANSBACH
adjustable damper BANSBACH

If different or in advance not clearly defined damping...

BANSBACH 10 - 1000 mm
hydraulic damper 10 - 1000 mm BANSBACH

This specification with damping over the complete stroke contains only oil. Due to the construction,...

hydraulic damper with floating piston BANSBACH

If the installation is horizontal or undefined, the free movement of the standard specification can be inconvenient. Therefore, the...

BANSBACH 20 - 250 mm
hydraulic damper 20 - 250 mm BANSBACH

This easylift damping variety allows a controlled damping in both directions,...

electrorheological fluid damper BANSBACH

The Bansbach® easyERF dampers are extremely quick and efficient dampers with a broad application field. Its innovation potential is the electronically adjustable damping intensity and the reaction...

2 products NORELEM
NORELEM -30 - 80 °C | 26100
shock and vibration absorber -30 - 80 °C | 26100 NORELEM

Material, surface finish: Metal parts, galvanized steel, class 5.6; elastomer, natural rubber,...

NORELEM -30 - 80 °C | 26105
shock and vibration absorber -30 - 80 °C | 26105 NORELEM

Material, surface finish: Metal parts, galvanized steel, class 5.6; elastomer, natural rubber, medium hardness, 57B Shore A Note: The...

STENFLEX Rudolf Stender GmbH
rubber-metal damper STENFLEX Rudolf Stender GmbH

The natural properties of rubber make it the ideal material for damping elements. STENFLEX® produces rubber-metal elements that prevent the transmission of vibration and noise. STENFLEX®...

Firestone Industrial
rubber damper Firestone Industrial

A Marsh Mellow spring is a fabric reinforced rubber cylinder. A main advantage of a Marsh Mellow spring over an air spring in isolation applications is a Marsh Mellow spring does not require air. Marsh...

Fabreeka International
vibration insulation bearing for buildings Fabreeka International

Fabreeka-PTFE bearing pad is comprised of the original fabric reinforced, elastomeric pad developed in 1936. Fabreeka-PTFE pad is used...

Fabreeka International MIL-C-882
vibration damping plate MIL-C-882 Fabreeka International

Fabreeka pad is the original fabric reinforced, elastomeric pad developed in 1936. The Fabreeka pad conforms to the specifications for MIL-C-882 cotton duck, fabric reinforced...

Fabreeka International DIMFAB 280
vibration damping plate for marine applications DIMFAB 280 Fabreeka International

DIMFAB 280 is manufactured using a specific elastomeric compound that...

Fabreeka International
vibration damping plate Fabreeka International

Fabreeka pad is the original fabric reinforced, elastomeric pad developed in 1936. The properties of the...

Fabreeka International 12000 psi
shock damping plate 12000 psi Fabreeka International

Fabreeka pad is the original fabric reinforced, elastomeric pad developed in 1936. The properties of the Fabreeka pad are exceptionally suited for the...

1 products MÜPRO
damper for ceiling fastener PHONOLYT® Button MÜPRO

Ideal for vibration controlled fixing of devices such as boilers, pumps, motors, air-conditioning and ventilation systems; also vessels, MPCSupport channels, etc. Suitable for ceiling, wall or floor mounting For...

2 products PAULSTRA
rubber-metal damper RADIAFLEX PAULSTRA

• Metalwork: Mild steel, plated. • Natural rubber, bonded, cylindrically shaped. •Welded fixings: 5 styles (single sided threaded...

flexible articulation PAULSTRA

Features: A flexible bush has an elastomeric element enclosed between an outer sleeve and a centre axis intended to replace a greased bush. The...

14 products ROSTA
rubber suspension element ROSTA

For all freely vibrating systems, from onion sorting shakers in the tinned food industry up to the ore dewatering screens in mines, ROSTA offers standardised...

ROSTA AB-HD series
oscillating mount AB-HD series ROSTA

The oscillating mounting type AB-HD 50-2 is the "Heavy Duty" version in the AB mount family of the ROSTA screen suspensions. The HD 50-2 type offers 40 % more load capacity compared...

ROSTA AB series
oscillating mount AB series ROSTA

Type AB TWIN : These oscillating mountings have the same basic characteristics as the above mentioned AB types. The versions 50 TWIN and 50-2 TWIN offer very high loading capacities as a result of the...

ROSTA AB-D series
oscillating mount AB-D series ROSTA

The oscillating mounting type AB-D is the "Price Breaker" among the freely oscillating mountings from ROSTA. The pantograph-like construction of the two parallel rubber suspension units gives the AB-D...

ROSTA HS series
oscillating mount HS series ROSTA

The ROSTA Type AB oscillating mountings have created a good name for themselves as screen box suspensions in screening technology thanks to their high isolation effect, high level of lateral stability,...

ROSTA AD series
oscillating mount AD series ROSTA

Type AD-P : The ROSTA double suspension units type AD-P/AD-C are used for suspending and supporting two-mass shaker systems. The centre point, for frame fixation, is in the middle of the double rocker...

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