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The JVRU, JTRU Series, manufactured by FG Inox, and is a sealing that is...


GFD metal-O rings are produced of metal tubes or solid wire material. The material is shaped and welded to rings or other figurations. The O-ring consists of stainless steel or other alloys and...

The GFD metal C-rings in this product series are static sealing elements, which you can use for machines and installations with high requirements. In addition to this, the metal C-rings are also regarded as more elastic than standard metal...

This PTFE seal is GFD spring energized, being often regarded as the newest generation of spring actuated Teflon seals. In addition to this, it is equally important to notice that the seals consist of a special precision jacket / lip, which is made of Teflon, as well...

The GFD-rotary shaft lip seals in this series are a new generation of advanced devices, which were especially developed for use under extreme and difficult conditions. The superior...


The Mink AD-System (AD), developed by Mink Bursten, is mainly used for sealing shafts. It is made with brush ring to seal shafts and to prevent coolant, swarf, and mists from escaping....


The PTFE provides different groove rings from different high performance plastics for...


The Repack-S DANA range offers a wide range of rotary sealing options. Of particular note is the DANAROTO® seal. It comprises an inner polymer pad with multiple radial sealing grooves in contact with the rotating shaft, and an elastomer O-ring energiser installed on...


Donit presents TESNIT® ring joint gaskets. These gaskets are metallic and made as per API 6A and ASME B16.20 standards for use at higher temperatures and pressures. Their sealing...


The Sealflex Jointing are composed of cellulose and mineral fibers, as well as fillers. The unit is made...

Elastograf gaskets are made by founding a corrugated metal core with a fine layer of flexible graphite that has a high external density and increases the sealing capacity compared with other traditional gaskets. The particular shape and composition...

The Texgraf gaskets have particular stability to temperature, pressure and corrosion. Their field of application includes the whole range of «flat seals», from missile and aerospace technology...

The spiralwound gaskets are made of metal tape with a specially shaped profile coupled with a filler tape (graphite, ceramic or glass fibre, PTFE), spirally wound with constant winding tension. The shape is usually circular, but can be oval, lozenge, oblong or pear. Classification of the various types is made according to their...


The 30K series by A.W. Chesterton Company is a bearing protection seal which features its high performance lip seal. For this...

Chesterton provides comprehensive engineered polymer solutions for an array of applications. Its range of polymer seals is designed to deliver outstanding performances in a vast gamut of installations spanning the pneumatic, rotary and hydraulic machinery sectors. In order to provide complete value...

Chesterton's 50K Series of mill rotary face seals are generally utilized for ingress protection applications,...

The GBS series offers a wide array of bearing protection seals specifically used in process pump operations...


Sealing rings are fabricated from silicone carbide making them completely susceptible to corrosive substances...


Further materials on request: 500 ......


Garolla fittings by Morsello Inox is made out of stainless steel AISI 304 TIG fused pipes using various...


More than 50 years HIRSCHMANN GMBH develops and produces innovative and field-proven Axial Shaft Seals..
Axial shaft seals find their application in various...


Only available for FLADDER® 150/MICRO

Inside diameter/thickness:



The Hunger TDI tandem seal for inside sealing is a
piston rod seal.
It can be used with mineral oils and in modifi ed form
with water base fl uids, fi re resistant fl uids and compressed
The TDI seal consists of 2 parts, an...

The EVD Externally Adjustable Sealing System is a
revolution in the fl uid sealing technology. The patented
system provides for the fi rst time the possibility of externally
adjusting and infl uencing the sealing function and
frictional behaviour of...

The Hunger tandem seal type TDT is designed for use
with telescopic cylinders. It can be used with mineral
oils or compressed air.
The TDT seal is manufactured in PUR and has two
sealing lips on the inside. Prior to fitting, these lips
protrude beyond the nominal diameter of the seal. Following

The Hunger NDT lip seal is an addition to the TDT...

The Hunger TDMI tandem seal for multi-fluid inside
sealing applications, is used to seal piston rods and
plungers. It can be used with mineral oils and in modified
form with water base fluids, fire resistant fluids
and compressed air.


Split housing design
Multi-part seal rings, radially cut
Very small operation gap low leakage
Dry running
Self-adjusting seal rings
Seal rings bear radial shaft movements
Compensates axial shaft movements
No sealing...


Multi-part seal rings, radially cut
Split housing design
Very small operation gap - low leakage
Dry running
Self-adjusting seal rings
Compensation of radial and axial shaft deflections
Short axial installation length


Chamber seal (modular design), optional with housing and lid
Multi-part seal rings, radially cut
Very small operation gap - low leakage
Dry running
Self-adjusting seal rings
Compensation of radial and axial shaft deflections
No sealing components mounted on...

spey WKA700

Espey WKA700


PDF Data sheet

Chamber seal (modular design can be combined in any order), optional with housing and lid for screw compressors with one-part and horizontally split housing.

Very small operation gap low leakage
Dry running

Multi-part seal rings, radially cut
Split housing design
Very small operation gap - low leakage
Dry running
Self-adjusting seal rings
Compensation of radial and axial shaft deflections
No sealing components mounted on the shaft and hence no additional shaft vibrations


Rotary shaft seals with PTFE seal-
ing lips are sealing elements -
ready for assembly - which...

Spring-energized seals are single-
acting sealing elements primarily
used for sealing reciprocating

memory packings are single-
acting sealing elements with excel-
lent sliding properties. They are
used primarily for sealing...

No stick-slip even with low sliding
Extremely low breakaway forces
even after prolonged downtimes
Low wear and...


Needle bearings are a standard element of a rotational motion system. Needle bearings are used in applications where high load capacity, high precision and small overall dimensions are required. Nadella offers a...


The fluorocarbon seals previously with the suffix 83 now have the suffix 81.
Suffix 83 parts may be delivered until stocks are replaced with parts having the suffix 81.

Seals for sliding shafts

Width of the groove: E + 1 mm (for DL).
Operating parameters:
Maximum admissible pressure: 150 bars (for DL) ; 30 bars (for LIO. LEO)....


These nylon washers are designed to prevent the loss of screws and bolts and to protect surfaces. The washer allows preliminary...

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