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blast cabinet - ST 1400 P/s-So

The ST 1400 P/s-So model is manufactured by Roseler, and is a mold cleaning...

blast cabinet - ST 1400 P/s-So

Pressure Blast Cabinets STD are manual shortblasting cabinets having...

blast cabinet - ST 1400 P/s-So

Blast cabinets are ideal when a variety of small parts is to be treated. The cabinets can be equipped with turntables, baskets, blast nozzles, pressure blasting systems, oscillators and...

belt sand blasting machine - RBD-Inj

The Continuous Rubber Conveyor Belt Machines (injection blasting) RBD-Inj from Rosler is equipped with all-around blasting...

bulk bag sand blasting machine - SBI

The Loop Belt Machines from RÖSLER is used for applications concerning high output yielding operations with small...

blast cabinet - 600 w x 460 d x 495 h mm | Formula F1200

The Formula sand blasting cabinet range is ideal for use when sand blasting is carried out on an intermittent basis or for light to...

blast cabinet - 815 w x 560 d x 591 h mm | Formula F1400

The Formula blast cabinet series of Guyson introduced 4 of its finest with F1200, F1400, F1600 and F2000. It caters different fields of application including education, medicine...

blast cabinet - 1070 w x 760 d x 770 h mm | Formula F1600

The Formula sand blasting cabinet is available in two models including 1400 and 1600 along with Model 400 blast...

blast cabinet - 1165 w x 760 d x 1028 h mm | F2000

The Formula sand blasting cabinet range from Guyson is ideally made to accommodate light to medium industrial...

blast cabinet - 1480 w x 1480 d x 1145 h mm | Euroblast® series

The Guyson Euroblast is a blast cabinet series that is durable, sealed and sturdy with 16-gauge sheet steel...

robot sand blasting machine - RB-RSSA-8

The RB-RSSA-8 model of Guyson Corporation’s 7-axis robotic grit-blast machine is specifically configured and designed to perform with intense precision in roughening...

robot sand blasting machine - RB-72

Guyson Corporation RB-72 robotic grit-blast system has an increased height and work envelope of 72 x 72 inch. It uses a pressure-blast system for media delivery for high-accuracy surface preparation systems. It is primarily used in the aerospace sector, including composite...

robot sand blasting machine - RX-1400-RB

From Guyson Corporation comes this automated indexing table grit-blasting machine which has been integrated with a component handling robotic arm. The robotic arm is used to load parts onto the blast system from an in-feed conveyor...

robot sand blasting machine - RX-1400-RB

The Customized Engineered Automatic Blast System, assembled by Guyson, offers a combined robotic blast system used for an accurate surface...

revolving blast cabinet - T-40

This is a compact 40" x 40" machine footprint, which makes the industrial duty tumble-blaster a favorite application for finishing work cells or for deburring. There are one of two blast guns bracketed...

revolving blast cabinet - T-40

Rooms blasting machines with oscillating turbines are designed for shot blasting and large pieces of various types.

Have widely used for:
- Railcars
- Freight wagons
- Silage wagon
- Chassis wagons
- Tipper trucks
- Tankers

- Structures for bridges
- And usually meccanosaldati...

revolving blast cabinet - T-40

Chambers of compressed air blasting manuals are made for the treatment of pieces of medium and large sizes.

Are performed with:
- Self-supporting modular panels
- Main doors of access manual or pneumatic
- Doors inspection

revolving blast cabinet - T-40

The shot-blasting type "rotor" are facilities designed for the treatment of small and medium pieces.
The auxiliary canister inside, in special, can contain small parts like pins, bushings and flanges...

blast cabinet - EcoAir

Suction fed air blast cabinets have been designed specifically for...

wet and dry blasting machine - Vaqua 92, 125, 15

The Wet Blast process provides component cleaning, degreasing and finishing in...

wet and dry blasting machine - Vaqua 92, 125, 15

The main feature of an air blastroom is that the operator is inside the room during the blasting process. A protective suit and a helmet protect the operator from abrasive impact, and a fresh air supply provides sufficient ventilation...

rotary table sand-blasting machine - Module 8

The table machine's essential component is the turntable for handling the workpiece. This kind of machine is best suited to processing symmetrical parts, for example:

- large gears
- engine disks
- shafts
- moulds
- wheels
- casting moulds

However, the turntable can be positioned at certain...

closed-circuit sand-blasting machine - Vacu-Blast P-05HP

Wheelabrator offers a range of pressure fed Closed Circuit Blasting Machines which are designed to be powerful, easy to use, compact and manoeuvrable. There are variants to suit light or heavy abrasives and compressed air or electrically generated...

injector blast cabinet - TA 60, TR series

available in a wide range of dimensions
standard models with a range of accessories
Custom-made equipment...

pressure blast cabinet - TR 110 / 140 DG

Welded, solid steel construction
8 - 32 litre blasting chamber with blasting medium control
Custom-made equipment to customers’...

pressure blast cabinet - TR 110 / 140 DG

in all dimensions
suitable for micro-blasting

wet and dry blasting machine - WA series

In a wide range of dimensions
The most accurate blasting process
Injector slurrry blasting

portable sand blasting machine - 14 - 200 l

NICOLIS portable blasting equipment is versatile and has been...

closed-circuit sand-blasting machine - Problast®

Problast machines feature a unique closed-circuit system, i.e. immediately after the blast media has been thrown onto the workpiece it is recovered and recycled....

closed-circuit sand-blasting machine - Problast®

Blast cabinets are operated from the exterior. During blasting, spent blast media is recovered by an efficient reclaiming system...

closed-circuit sand-blasting machine - Problast®

Walk-in blast rooms can accommodate big and extra-big components.

The waffle-floor system requires no...

closed-circuit sand-blasting machine - Problast®

In contrast to other hollow bodies, tubes can be blasted horizontally because the abrasive or compressed...

automated sand blasting machine - Auto Series

For large batches of parts with specific shapes, CEEVER proposes a series of treatment tunnels linear as well as circular available in various sizes

All machines of series Auto consist of one or more treatment chambers, completely air-tight and made of thick steel....

blast cabinet - NBIT Series

Ceever cabins of treatment are available in many standard models.

All machines of the serie BIT have a completely air-tight working space, built in stainless steel with the inner surface, which guarantees the optimal brightness.

The supporting base of a pickling cabin is built with a sturdy, thick frame, carefully coated.


blast cabinet - Cabinet Series

For special shapes or big parts, CEEVER produces cabins of treatment available in many different dimensions

All machines of the serie Cabinet have a completely air-tight working space, built in stainless steel with the inner surface, which guarantees the optimal brightness.

The supporting base of a pickling...

blast cabinet - Cabinet Series

Once the concrete part has hardened, it is transported to the blast system. This is done,...

portable sand blasting machine - 250 l/min | D50

The benefits
* Simple
No adjustment

* Portable
Dry weight 10 kg


sand blasting machine - max. 200 l | SF series

The benefits
Our blasting equipment is delivered with:
* Media flow control...

sand blasting machine - max. 130 l | SR series

The benefits

Remote control for easy maintenance

blast nozzle holder - S9xx series

Technical characteristics

Threaded nozzle holders
S969 Thread Ø29 for the 13x27 hose

dry ice grit blasting machine - DRY ICE+

ICEsonic DRY ICE+ is a new green cleaning technology utilizing a dry ice blasting with addition of an abrasive.
Advantages of ICEsonic DRY ICE+ technology:
Saving on dry ice faster cleaning
Removing stubborn contamination which dry ice blasting alone will not...

blast cabinet - SP12

· Compact
· Integrated self-cleaning cartridge filter

blast cabinet - 900 x 620 x 650 mm | SD9

-Integrated self-cleaning cartridge filter (BIA certified)
-High-efficiency system of grit separation and recovery
-Grit flow control device

mini blast cabinet - SD7

· Compact
· Integrated self-cleaning cartridge filter (BIA certified)
· High-efficiency system of grit separation and recovery
· Grit flow control device...

blast cabinet - 1200 x 1000 x 850 mm | SD12

-Integrated self-cleaning cartridge filter
-High-efficiency system of grit separation and recovery
-Grit flow control device
-Work cabin dimensions:...

blast cabinet - 1100 x 1100 x 1100 mm | S11

-Cube shape of cabin allows optimum maneuverability
-Cyclone for grit separation and recovery.
-Front door for quickly loading/unloading parts
-Side door for loading/unloading heavy parts
-Work cabin dimensions: LxDxH in mm: 1100...

blast cabinet - 1100 x 1100 x 1100 mm | S11

Advantages and characteristics of SLF blastrooms at a glance:

sound-absorbing design and low-wear construction
easy to maintain
blasting by means of blasting robot and manual blasting in one room
full-floor or partial grating for improved media recovery

blast-room - ReCo-Blaster

Advantages and specifications of the "ReCo-Blaster" at a glance:

multiply increased blast cleaned surface by larger nozzle diameter and higher blast pressure
increased efficiency...

blast-room - ReCo-Blaster

Advantages and specifications of the automatic blasting systems at a glance:

fully monitored functions
automatic loading and unloading of workpieces
automatic movement of workpieces inside the blast cabinet with very high positioning accuracy

blast gun - 6 - 8 bar | 166 A

Gun suitable for sand-blasting any surface


blast gun - 6 - 8 bar | 166 B

Gun suitable for sand-blasting any surface


blast cabinet - SBC-420

Heavy duty sandblasting cabinet. Designed and engineered for high...

blast cabinet - SBC-350

Natural rubber/vinyl blast gloves. Perforated steel separating screen for...

blast cabinet - SB-110

The SB-110 is used in a variety of applications, including cleaning, polishing,...

blast cabinet - SB-600

Heavy duty sandblasting cabinet. Designed and engineered for high efficiency parts finishing....

blast cabinet - SBC-115

Deluxe sandblasting cabinet. Standard equipment - sandblasting kit...

belt sand blasting machine - NTOG

The tunnel type machine “NTOG” is a continuous shot-blasting unit with a special wear-proof rubber belt conveyor.
The layout of the machine consists of a tunnel having the blasting room in the middle section....

belt sand blasting machine - NTOG

The manual shot-blasting rooms are designed and fabricated according to the size requested by the customer. They may have one or two...

sand blasting machine - BL 1080

Despite being the smallest machine in our range with a capacity of 15ltrs the BL 1080 is designed, built, tested and runs at the same pressures...

portable sand blasting machine - BL 14160

The most common multi purpose portable size in the domestic market, due to its size, ease of movement and...

portable sand blasting machine - BL20300

An outstanding mix of size and capacity, with the benefit of a 45 degree cone, allowing for superior...

high-capacity sand blasting machine - BL24650

Large capacity blast machine, suitable for portable use, (allowing for its size), and static...

high-capacity sand blasting machine - BL24650S

Identical to the BL24650 with the exception that it stands on a static tripod leg system,...

high-capacity sand blasting machine - BL24650S

PL Series. Sandblasters main features:
A large window allows visual control during operations
Gun with nozzle in steel or in widia
Compressed-air gun for surfaces finishing after sandblasting treatment
Cyclone-dust separator...

high-capacity sand blasting machine - BL24650S

With the possibility of employing a wide range of abrasive materials such as, for example: carbon steel grit, stainless steel, aluminum oxide, sand, glass micro spheres etc., this equipment is appropriate for medium to heavy works in the surface preparation for the application of coatings or cleaning of parts, matting, removal of old paint, lamination scale, forgery, foundry,...

sand blasting machine - P-Series

The P-Series Multi Abrasive Blaster by CMV, can operate with several types of abrasive, like steel shot, aluminum oxide,...

sand blasting machine - P-Series

Long Venturi Nozzles
Short Venturi Nozzles
Straight Nozzles
Rules for the Selection and Maintenance of Nozzles
Table of Consumption of Compressed Air/Abrasive Material
Nozzles for Internal Pipe Blasting
Nozzles for Internal...

sand blasting machine - P-Series

The CMV air blast rooms with automatic reclaim of the abrasive material can operate with any type of abrasive material, such as, for example, carbon steel grit, stainless steel grit, micro glass spheres, aluminum oxide, plastic abrasive materials,...

closed-circuit sand-blasting machine - PanBlast AER85

The PanBlast AER85 blasting equipment for closed circuit, distributed in Brazil by CMV, is the smallest model in the line of equipment for closed circuit, working only with compressed air (no need for electric energy). The operation and recovery...

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