simulation software / ironing / for sheet metal / process
simulation software

... greater height-to-diameter ratio. For axis-symmetric or plain strain components, the most effective solution is obtained using 2D elements.

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Stampack Quantech ATZ
mechanical CAD software / engineering / modeling / mechanical
mechanical CAD software

2D / 3D CAD Construction Software Powerful CAD for engineers, constructors, architects, designers and machinists 2D CAD construction ...

simulation software / 2D/3D
simulation software
MagNet v7

MagNet v7 2D/3D simulation software for electromagnetic fields let's you rapidly model and predict the performance of any electromagnetic or electromechanical ...

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CAD software / for conveyors / 2D/3D
CAD software

TRICAD MS Conveyor Systems geography module can be utilized for positioning the specific components for dangled and floor conveyor systems with a precise configuration dialog. There are 20 types of conveyors accessible including a ...

axis control software / CNC control / for water-jet cutting / real-time
axis control software
waterjet software

Our company's waterjet using our own waterjet software to control 3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis waterjet. PC requirement: Support Windows 2000, Windows XP, Win 7; CPU: above 1.5GHz; Memory capacity: ...

management software / cost estimation / industrial / printing
management software

... the operator this possibility; Be able to calculate the cost in environmental terms CO2; Linear and profile The printer in a completely automatic way; can use the 2d effect called lenticular ...

analysis software / measurement / test / quality control
analysis software

Istra 4D is a dynamic,user-friendly software, specifically designed for simple and repetitive shearographic measurements, testing, analysis and evaluation. Designed by users, for users: Istra 4D ...

management software / mechanical CAD/CAM / nesting / for CNC punching machines
management software

... double lines. Importing from dwg and dxf and optional 3D importing and unfolding is possible. This module is identical for all HACOSoft extensions: HacoPlasma,HacoPunch, HacoLaser and HacoBend 3D. HACOPunch ...

simulation software / CAD/CAM / engineering / for CNC machines
simulation software

... AlphaCAM enable the preparation of drawings for the design of the type of 2D or 3D. You can also import finished drawing / models prepared in an external CAD program. Dynamic ...

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