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engineering software / analysis / design / modeling
engineering software
FrameWorks® Plus

... MicroStation® because it automates many structural design and engineering functions. MicroStation is a 2D/3D drafting tool; in comparison, FrameWorks Plus is a 2D/3D ...

electromagnetic field simulation software / analysis / virtual prototyping / 2D/3D
electromagnetic field simulation software
Simcenter MAGNET

2D/3D electromagnetic field simulation software for accurate analysis Simcenter MAGNET 2D/3D ...

CAD software / product documentation / process / for CAD
CAD software
SolidWorks® Composer™

... SOLIDWORKS Composer SOLIDWORKS® Composer allows you to quickly create 2D and 3D graphical content to clearly explain and present your product or process. The tools let you work directly ...

engineering software / CAD / creation / inspection
engineering software

... enter measured values directly into an inspection project. With SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional, you can work directly with 2D/3D CAD data and streamlined workflows.

artistic CAD/CAM software / laser equipment / engraving / for cutting machine
artistic CAD/CAM software

Type3's LaserType is a software solution designed to optimize machine performance. Functions of the software include logo engraving, surface decoration and bas relief sculptures. Users ...

CAD software / for jewelery / for fashion accessories / for watchmaking
CAD software

... and aesthetic interface: it allows you to learn 3DESIGN CAD faster / quickly and to produce unique designs in few times. • From 2D to 3D: in few ...

electrical CAD software / electrical network / industrial / for electrical system design
electrical CAD software
SPAC automazione

... exchange. The Software that interfaces SPAC Automazione is an open system that allows the dialogue with multiple processes. Graphical design with AutoCAD technology. The Worldwide drawing standard AutoCAD OEM is ...

vibration analysis software / real-time / 2D/3D
vibration analysis software

3D Model Reconstruction The 3D Model Reconstruction software produces 3D geometric models of complex test structures using a batch ...

fluid dynamics simulation software / porosity analysis / injection molding simulation / stamping simulation
fluid dynamics simulation software

... technology of CT or other 3D data formats such as point cloud, mesh, and CAD; VGSTUDIO MAX covers all your requirements related to metrology, defect detection and assessment, material properties, or simulations in a single ...

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Volume Graphics GmbH
porosity analysis software / visualization / CAD / measurement
porosity analysis software

VGinLINE inspects your parts automatically and non-destructively with industrial computed tomography (CT). It’s simple to set up and works with almost every CT system on the market – right out of the box. Inspect your parts automatically ...

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Volume Graphics GmbH
metrology software / analysis / visualization / CAD
metrology software

... accurate. VGMETROLOGY gives you the complete picture of all object surfaces — and saves it in the very compact .mvgl format. The software works natively on voxel, point cloud, mesh, and CAD data. Moreover, the focused ...

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Volume Graphics GmbH
image analysis software / simulation / CAD/CAM data exchange / artistic CAD/CAM
image analysis software

German software 3D PhotoFormer for tool path generating 3D tool paths from greyscales For milling or engraving of coloured and/or grey scale pictures/photos ...

CAD/CAM software / CAD / CAM / prototyping
CAD/CAM software

Special software for a high-resolution photo engraving. Applicable for lithophanes and 3D reliefs. Due to the user-friendly interface, you achieve the best results without any previous ...

CAD/CAM software / for bending / part unfolding / for sheet metal
CAD/CAM software

Almacam's Act/Unfold software has a full 3D and 2D working environment, allowing 3D import and unfolding of sheet metal ...

monitoring software / engineering / for photovoltaic installations / 2D/3D
monitoring software
arechelios™ O&M

... A single portal for all your PV plants. - Adapts to all inverters and data loggers. - Full 3D PVBIM mock-up. - Interactive two-screen GUI: data and 2D/3D ...

design software / graphic / process / PLC
design software

... process mimics, status pages etc. Each window can contain ActiveX controls, Java Beans and native FrontVue drawing elements in 2D or 3D. Properties of the variables and of the drawing ...

reporting software / inspection / process / measuring system
reporting software
GOM Correlate

Software for 3D Testing Data Import – Process – Evaluate Independent of the measuring system Data Import 2D/3D ...

meshing software / 2D/3D
meshing software

... addition, the diversity and robustness of elements ensure the fidelity of solutions. Combining the advantages of 2.5D and 3D modeling, Moldex3D ...

CAD software / creation / interface / 3D
CAD software
Advance CAD

... interface, Advance CAD creates all 2D and 3D entities. Concepts such as "layers", "snap points", "windows", "Boolean operations", etc. are available as well as all navigation ...

simulation software / ironing / for sheet metal / process
simulation software

... greater height-to-diameter ratio. For axis-symmetric or plain strain components, the most effective solution is obtained using 2D elements.

simulation software / progressive die forming / for sheet metal / 2D/3D
simulation software

Stampack for progressive die stamping validation lets users check and generate feasible stations in the complete tool. Stampack optimizes the complex die validation process before tool construction. The complete simulation of the process ...

simulation software / hydro-forming / for sheet metal / 2D/3D
simulation software

The Hydro-forming interface includes the ability to define sheet or tube hydro-forming by adding the effects of rubber wear pads, pressure cavities and sleeves in the holding, bulging, forming, heat treatment and calibration process steps. ...

engineering software / CAD / product documentation / database
engineering software

EXALEAD OnePart Find and use existing parts, 2D/3D designs, and related product and manufacturing documentation to minimize duplication. Why Choose EXALEAD OnePart? EXALEAD® ...

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analysis software / interface / design / optimization
analysis software

... surface and ease-off correction and optimization. ▪ Real blank geometry for both pinion and gear. ▪ 2D tooth profiles along the face width. ▪ 2D/3D ...

generated data management software / CAD / process / 2D/3D
generated data management software
Creo Layout

... You can then produce equally detailed 3D models from the same 2D data without having to switch CAD systems or hand off 2D data to ...

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viewer software / CAD / 2D/3D
viewer software
Design Review

OverviewView, mark up, and print 2D and 3D filesDesign Review CAD viewer software lets you view, mark up, print, and track changes to 2D ...

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scheduling software / 2D/3D
scheduling software
GEOVIA MineSched™

... costs by meeting your feed grade requirements through target scheduling algorithms. Validate schedules by visualizing them in 3D animations and sharing them via the standalone Interactive Viewer application. Collaborate ...

programming software / creation / CAM / positioning
programming software

GibbsCAM Creation Milling can handle 2-axis via straightforward 3-axis wireframe machining with whole usefulness for contouring, pocketing with endless employers/island destinations, line milling, deal ...

modeling software / electromagnetic field simulation / 2D/3D
modeling software
AC/DC Module

Simulation Software for Low-Frequency Electromagnetics and Electromechanical Components Analyzing electromagnetic systems and processes that encompass static and low-frequency ranges requires a powerful and flexible ...

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CAD/CAM software / for bending / for press brakes / 2D/3D
CAD/CAM software

THE BENCHMARK FOR BEND CAM SOFTWARE CADMAN-B sets the standard for bending CAM software. After importing a 3D CAD part, CADMAN-B automatically unfolds the part, expertly ...

visualization software / graphic / design / data management
visualization software

... create a 3D world with the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and get the view of your assets from true 360 degree angle. The unit has both 2D and 3D ...

finished element analysis software / mathematical calculation / 2D/3D
finished element analysis software
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox™

... Equation Toolbox™ provides functions for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) in 2D, 3D, and time using finite element analysis. It lets you specify and mesh ...

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The MathWorks