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Adhesive tapes
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transfer adhesive tape / acrylic - 3M™ 9773WL

The 9773WL by 3M™ is an adhesive transfer tape that features a high tack acrylic adhesive tape on a poly-coated Kraft paper. This particular adhesive...

transfer adhesive tape / acrylic - 3M™ 467MP

3M 467MP adhesive transfer tape is a high quality adhesive on 4.2mm poly-coated craft liner. This tape is characterized by high durability...

double-sided adhesive tape / acrylic - 3M™ 7952MP

The 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape Double Linered 7952MP is made up of a 2.0 mile 200MP high efficient acrylic adhesive with a double...

double-sided adhesive tape / polyester / acrylic - 3M™ 444PC

3M™ double coated tape 444 is a 3.9 mil 300 high tack acrylic adhesive. It has a polyester carrier of .5 mil on a 3.2 mil white 55 lb DK, or densified...

double-sided adhesive tape / acrylic - 3M™ 9828PC

3M™ Double Coated Tape 9828PC provide high adhesion to HSE materials and high tack. These adhesives consists...

acrylic adhesive tape - 0.8 mm, 149 - 160 °C | 406

When metal face plates must be bonded to a chassis, the 406 3M Thermal Bonding Film model is the ideal solution. It is a flexible film designed for...

acrylic adhesive tape - tesa® 4576 PV0

The tesa® 4576 is a very elastic one sided tape that is made up of non woven fabric that is covered with acrylic...

acrylic adhesive tape - +284 °F | tesa® 4671

The 4671 from tesa® is a high-performance, acrylic-coated cloth tape ideal for all applications. It comprises of a backing made of...

double-sided adhesive tape / acrylic - 295 µm | tesa® 4968

Tesa®4968 is a white double-sided tape that is integrated with polyvinyl chloride as its adhesive component. It...

acrylic adhesive tape - +266 °F, 310 µm | tesa® 4651

The tesa® Tape 4651 is purposed for marking cables and floors, sealing tubes, labelling, covering, toughening pipes...

acrylic adhesive tape - 100 µm | tesa® 51446

51446 is a single-sided repulpable splicing tape, manufactured by the industry leader tesa, and comes without a liner, consisting...

acrylic adhesive tape - 100 µm | tesa® 51446

The acrylic adhesive tapes are specifically designed in order to meet the commercial...

acrylic adhesive tape - -18 ... +80 °C | AT2000

Product Type: PVC
Thickness: 1.0mm
Breaking Load:...

acrylic adhesive tape - TPA series

The TPA Series is constructed of a Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) backing with an acrylic adhesive.
This construction...

acrylic adhesive tape - K136

Scapa K136 is a high performance single-sided paper tape, based on an impregnated lay-flat white paper carrier, coated...

acrylic adhesive tape - K136

A new innovative adhesive tape for wafer backgrinding and etching. SP tape's excellent shock and vibration...

double-sided adhesive tape / acrylic - TM 9720

Double-sided film with acrylic based, hypoallergenic pressure sensitive adhesive. Designed for assembling medical devices where skin contact is possible. The adhesive is very aggressive and bonds well to...

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