flat strip / aluminum / current collector
flat strip

LEADING MANUFACTUER OF CARBON STRIPS FOR PANTOGRAPH RAIL SYSTEMS Mersen offers a large range of pantograph strips for electrical current collection, or collector strips. The high speed train that hit ...

flat strip / basalt / high temperature-resistant
flat strip

The basalt tape is made entirely of 8-16 micron basalt yarns that resist temperatures from -260°C up to +700°C. Upon request, the tape is available with an adjustable adhesive side.

toothed transmission belt / polyurethane
toothed transmission belt
TXM series

Reliance's timing belts and pulleys are designed with a length of 2.5mm and pitch of 5mm. The units are housed in tensile stainless steel, with reinforced polyurethane in its belts. They ...

trapezoidal strip / silicone rubber / high temperature-resistant
trapezoidal strip
SAES series

Our Silicone Sponge edging strip is ideal for applications where standard and reinforced PVC edging will not fit, for example in a high temperature gasket where temperatures will be high enough to melt a standard piece ...

trapezoidal transmission belt / rubber
trapezoidal transmission belt
A4 series

slotted transmission belt / rubber / coated
slotted transmission belt
A8 series

flat strip / aluminum / industrial / rubber
flat strip
GP-60x series

Gripper pads from Fairlane Products® are ideal for industrial grade contact wear points in automation and positioning applications. Black nitrile rubber (60A durometer) is molded to a malleable aluminum backing that can be formed to round ...

conveyor belt
conveyor belt
FBE series

Our belts are revested with foam to guide and maintain the bottles We are providing a wide range of different types of belts (PU, Rubber belts) and various thicknesses as foam densities. ...

V transmission belt / rubber / profile
V transmission belt

Profile:10/Z External length:Li +38 mm Norm:Dimensions based on DIN 2215 Electrical conductivity:based on ISO 1813 Resistance:Limited resistance to oil

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timing transmission belt / polyurethane-coated / high-performance / oil-resistant
timing transmission belt

... description:Endless, low-noise PUR timing belt with high-performance profile; for input power up to approx. 100 kW and circumferential speeds up to approx. 60 m/s On request:Gear wheels for ATP-timing belt

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flat strip / foam
flat strip
RAB series

The RAB 30 room integrity strip is made of a special reactive material. The flexible material expands in three dimensions from about 190° C, producing a thick foam in the event of a fire that seals off the opening into ...

flat strip / polyethylene
flat strip
KB-fix series

... consumer applications and much more. The Velcro (hook and loop) fastener strips are available on a 25 m roll and are cut as required. Particular benefits of the KB-fix Velcro strip are: Very simple ...

rubber strip / window
rubber strip
4806 series

This seal is a wind and vapour barrier that is fitted between the window frame and the wall. Fitting is done from inside, providing an excellent seal and eliminating condensation. The material, black EPDM cellular rubber with closd cells ...

rubber strip / rubber
rubber strip
4841579xx series

Sealing with rubber strips offers numerous benefits. They seal out moisture, cold, wind and noise. Thanks to the closed cell structure they also provide good thermal insulation and they are water resistant. These sealing ...

flat strip / laminate / high-resistance / heat-resistant
flat strip

With its specific physical properties – reflectivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance – aluminium is the perfect heat shield material offering excellent protection against excessive exhaust system heat. Alloy 1050A in soft ...

aluminum strip / flat / industrial
aluminum strip

Aluminium is a wide range use material, presently mostly in the form of alloys, in all industry areas. Because of the combination of a low weight and specific mechanical properties, is widely used especially in the automotive, aerospace ...

flat strip / stainless steel / high temperature-resistant
flat strip

Stainless steel stripStainless steel for springsStainless steel for precision formingHeat-resistant and corrosion-resistant stainless steelNon-magnetic stainless steelClad steel

transmission belt
transmission belt

SDA Structured Diamond Belt 533 x 30 mm Technical Data: Length 533 mm Width 30 mm

flat strip / metal
flat strip

FIXING STRIPES for Fixing of insulation onto metal sheets