capsule filter / high-efficiency / disposable / in-line
capsule filter

Filtration size: 0.01 µm - 25 µm
Flow rate: 14 l/min - 82 l/min

... -cost disposable in-line filters for high efficiency particle removal. All MicraDif disposable filters contain a permanently sealed MicraTube (size 1232), which offers 0.01 to 25 micron filtration efficiency ...

liquid filter / strainer / chemical / Y
liquid filter

Operating pressure: 10 bar - 100 bar

The 802 type strainer which has a standard filtration of 0.8 mm contains a detachable cover for cleaning of the filter element without the need to remove strainer from the line. It is adaptable to any connection type ...

liquid filter / cartridge / chemical / for chemical applications
liquid filter

Operating pressure: 0 bar - 10 bar

... stainless steel cartridges. Depending on the type of filter cartridge used, PHACHEMA FilEco filters can provide filtering from the micron scale to several millimeters. The standard ...

air filter / panel / chemical / high-efficiency
air filter

Filtration size: 0 µm - 9 µm
Flow rate: 0.47 m³/s - 0.94 m³/s

... Extremely low initial resistance MERV 15 is hospital compliant for full patient care Helps increase your overall filter efficiency, to exceed LEED requirements of MERV 13 Maintains or lowers your energy ...

air filter / panel / high-efficiency / pleated
air filter

Flow rate: 0.47 m³/s - 0.94 m³/s

... cell style extended surface filters Replacement for corrugated separator style or supported pleat style rigids All plastic construction Made of 100% synthetic media Fully incinerable Moisture and chemical ...

liquid filter / membrane / chemical / syringe
liquid filter
Anotop™ series

Filtration size: 0.02 µm - 0.2 µm

... syringe filters are designed for filtration of aggressive organic solvents. Anotop syringe filters contain proprietary alumina Anopore membrane with highly defined pore structure. Syringe ...

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water filter / membrane / chemical / syringe
water filter
Polydisc TF

Filtration size: 0.1 µm

Autoclavable (multiple times). Lightweight: Avoids the collapsing of tubing that can be caused by heavy filter devices. Chemical-resistant housing. Biosafe. Integrity-testable (bubble point or water breakthrough ...

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air filter / liquid / cartridge / sintered
air filter

Filtration size: 1 µm - 70 µm

Our Vyon® sintered porous plastic materials offer excellent chemical compatibility, exceptional strength and are resistant to most acids, bases, many organic chemicals and temperatures up to 110ºC (230ºF). Produced ...

water filter / belt / hydrostatic / chemical
water filter

HOFFMANN hydrostatic filters, with reel, operate based on principle of gravitational filtering. Depending on the requirements placed on the degree of filtering, filter papers with different structures ...

liquid filter / capsule / disposable / chemical
liquid filter

Filtration size: 50 µm - 150 µm

... integration configuration,no needs for housing cleaning Specifications ■ Material of Constructions: Housing:Polypropylene(PP)  Filter media: Polypropylene(PP) O-ring seal: Standard: EPDM   Optional:Silicone and ...

water filter / cartridge / compact / chemical
water filter
AS series

Operating pressure: 50 psi

AquaStream™ Cartridge Filter Features: • One piece compact injection molded filter tank with easy lock ring system. • Quick union design for easy installation. • NSF Certified raw material • Chemical ...

strainer filter / water / gas / steam
strainer filter

Operating pressure: 6, 25, 40, 16 bar

... applications, in general plant manufacturing, etc. For stainless steel, it is highly recommended for use in recycling facilities, in chemical industry, in hospital technology, in process water installations and installations ...

air filter / membrane / chemical / PTFE
air filter

Filtration size: 1 µm
Flow rate: 80 l/min

... HORIBA units. Strengthens chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, and organic solvents. Decreases filter weight and also allows accurate weight measurement of low-concentration samples. Greatly ...

water filter / basket / suction / chemical
water filter

Operating pressure: 0 Pa - 700000 Pa

... used in the chemical industry.The gauges are oversized to avoid breakeups during the assembilng, even if executed by capable hands ; The internal basket is easy removable and inspectionable. The basket gauges, can be ...