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Free chlorine (Cl) analyzer FC400G YOKOGAWA Europe

FC400G is a non-reagent free available chlorine analyzer, which adopts the new polarographic method with the use of a rotating electrode,...

YOKOGAWA Europe 5/0 - 10 mg/l | FC500G
On-line chlorine (Cl) analyzer 5/0 - 10 mg/l | FC500G YOKOGAWA Europe

Yokogawa FC500G non-reagent free available chlorine analyzer is based on the polarographic method. Continuous online measurement of the concentration of free available...

On line residual chlorine (Cl) analyzer RC400G YOKOGAWA Europe

The YOKOGAWA RC400G residual chlorine analyzer uses a polarographic system. It uses platinum electrodes that rotate...

Rosemount Analytical 0 - 20 ppm | TCL
Total chlorine (Cl) analyzer 0 - 20 ppm | TCL Rosemount Analytical

Emerson’s Total Chlorine Analyzer is regonized for its low sample flow of about...

Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech TOX-100
Chlorine (Cl) and sulfur (S) analyzer TOX-100 Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech

This Analyzer from Apache is a horizontal furnace combustion...

new Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech NSX-2100H
Chlorine (Cl) and sulfur (S) analyzer NSX-2100H Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech

NEW Elemental Analyzer NSX-2100H, new horizontal furnace system with coulometric detector. New Chlorine analyzer is cost effective...

Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech ISO9562, EPA9020 | AOX-200
Total chlorine (Cl) analyzer ISO9562, EPA9020 | AOX-200 Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech

Mitsubishi Chemical Analytech can offer an advanced solution for the analysis in drinking water, surface water and sludge in AOX application. The ease of...

1 products HACH LANGE
On-line chlorine (Cl) analyzer HACH LANGE

The instrument provides on-line monitoring of active chlorine or total free chlorine in drinking...

3 products Swan AG
Swan AG AMI Codes-II TC
Total chlorine (Cl) analyzer AMI Codes-II TC Swan AG

Colorimetric process analyzer (DPD-method) for measurement and dosing control of total chlorine and calculation of dichloramine. For the continuous online determination of disinfectants based on the...

Swan AG 0 - 5 ppm | AMI Codes-II CC
On-line chlorine (Cl) analyzer 0 - 5 ppm | AMI Codes-II CC Swan AG

The AMI Codes-II CC model is manufactured by Swan Analytical Instruments, and is a colorimetric process analyzer that is utilized for measurement and dosing control...

ERALY & Associés 0.5 - 800 000 ppm | SERVOCOULOMETER MIPO 5
Total chlorine (Cl) analyzer 0.5 - 800 000 ppm | SERVOCOULOMETER MIPO 5 ERALY & Associés

The Servocoulometer Mipo 5 is manufactured by Eraly, and is a halogen analyzer that permits the analysis of total Chlorine by silver Coulometry from very low contents...

Electro-Chemical Devices ECD FCA-22
Free chlorine (Cl) analyzer FCA-22 Electro-Chemical Devices ECD

FCA-22 Free Chlorine Analyzer The Model FCA-22 Free Chlorine Analyzer provides on-line continuous measurement of free chlorine in most aqueous environments....

Electro-Chemical Devices ECD TCA-22
Total chlorine (Cl) analyzer TCA-22 Electro-Chemical Devices ECD

TCA-22 Total Chlorine Analyzer The Model TCA-22 Total Chlorine Analyzer is designed for use in drinking water, industrial cooling and...

Electro-Chemical Devices ECD CDA-22
On-line residual chlorine dioxide (ClO2) analyzer CDA-22 Electro-Chemical Devices ECD

CDA-22 Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer The Model CDA-22 Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer is designed...

1 products WTW
WTW Chlorine 3000
On-line chlorine (Cl) analyzer Chlorine 3000 WTW

The Chlorine 3000 is an analyzer manufactured by WTW. It operates photometrically...

YSI Incorporated Life Sciences 0.02 - 8 mg/l | 900 Chlorine
Total chlorine (Cl) analyzer 0.02 - 8 mg/l | 900 Chlorine YSI Incorporated Life Sciences

The 900 colorimeter is a rugged, waterproof, single parameter instrument for the measurement of Total chlorine or Free chlorine. Whether you need to measure chlorine in wastewater, chlorine in groundwater,...

5 products CHEMITEC
CHEMITEC ACP 4001-2/CL2 series
Free chlorine (Cl) analyzer ACP 4001-2/CL2 series CHEMITEC

The ACP 401-2/CL2 series, manufactured by Chemitec, is a multiparameter power unit for the...

CHEMITEC ACP 4001-2/CL2 Tot series
Free chlorine (Cl) analyzer ACP 4001-2/CL2 Tot series CHEMITEC

This metering unit that is supplied by Chemitec is a multi-powered unit that is...

CHEMITEC ACP 4001-3 series
Multi-parameter liquid analyzer: pH, ORP, chlorine, temperature ACP 4001-3 series CHEMITEC

The Multiparameter Power Unit is mainly designed and built to promote a high quality performance...

CHEMITEC ACP 4001- 4 series
Multi-parameter liquid analyzer: pH, ORP, chlorine, temperature ACP 4001- 4 series CHEMITEC

The ACP 4001 - 4 Series, manufactured by Chemitec®, is a photometric analyser chlorine that comes...

3 products Hach
Hach CL17
On-line chlorine (Cl) analyzer CL17 Hach

* 0 to 5 mg/L range, dual, fully-adjustable set-point alarms * IP62 enclosure rating,...

Hach CLF10
On-line chlorine (Cl) analyzer CLF10 Hach

The CLF10 sc analyzer uses Hach’s exclusive self diagnostics to alert users when the process has changed or the instrument needs servicing. Diagnostic features include the Cal Watch algorithm for warning...

Hach 9184sc
On line residual chlorine (Cl) analyzer 9184sc Hach

The low minimum detection limit and wide measurement range of the Hach 9184 sc Amperometric Free Chlorine Sensor makes it...

3 products Dr. A. Kuntze
Dr. A. Kuntze max. 20 mg/l | K 100 (W) DES
Free chlorine (Cl) analyzer max. 20 mg/l | K 100 (W) DES Dr. A. Kuntze

Intuitive and simple menu Safety by password function Description The K 100 (W) CL2 is a sophisticated...

Dr. A. Kuntze 0.01 - 11 mg/l | Radon FM
Portable chlorine (Cl) analyzer 0.01 - 11 mg/l | Radon FM Dr. A. Kuntze

The Radon photometer can be used in practically every area of water analysis. It requires absolutely...

Dr. A. Kuntze max. 4 mg/l | Krypton K Multi
On-line residual chlorine dioxide (ClO2) analyzer max. 4 mg/l | Krypton K Multi Dr. A. Kuntze

Low maintenance by patented automatic sensor cleaning ASR Automatic or manual pH-value compensation for free...

6 products Palintest Ltd.
video  Palintest Ltd. 0 - 50 mg/l | ChlordioX™ Plus
Portable chlorine (Cl) analyzer 0 - 50 mg/l | ChlordioX™ Plus Palintest Ltd.

ISO7027 compliant measurement of turbidity in drinking water, wastewater and surface water with Total Suspended Solids (TSS) capability. Turbidity and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) are two of the most...

 Palintest Ltd. 0 - 5 mg/l
Portable chlorine (Cl) analyzer 0 - 5 mg/l Palintest Ltd.

The Compact Chlorometer ensures accurate analysis of free, combined and total chlorine in a simple-to-use portable photometer. Since the original development of the DPD method by Dr Palin, Palintest...

 Palintest Ltd. 0 - 250 mg/l
Portable chlorine (Cl) analyzer 0 - 250 mg/l Palintest Ltd.

For true field versatility, the Compact Chlorometer Duo cannot be beaten, delivering dual range chlorine analysis for the widest variety of applications. Whether testing drinking water compliance using...

 Palintest Ltd. Steadichlor
Reagent Steadichlor Palintest Ltd.

Water Chlorination Made Easy Steadichlor tablets provide a simple and effective means of water chlorination...

 Palintest Ltd. Instachlor
Reagent Instachlor Palintest Ltd.

A convenient method of small-scale chlorination Instachlor PR tablets may be added directly to water...

 Palintest Ltd. 0 - 10 mg/l | Compact ClO2+
On-line residual chlorine dioxide (ClO2) analyzer 0 - 10 mg/l | Compact ClO2+ Palintest Ltd.

The Compact ClO2+ meter provides field analysis of chlorine and chlorine dioxide using the DPD method. The original Palin system was designed for monitoring of all forms of chlorine. Dr Palin extended...

Hanna Instruments 0 - 5 mg/l | PCA 310 series
Total chlorine (Cl) analyzer 0 - 5 mg/l | PCA 310 series Hanna Instruments

Implements the DPD colorimetric method to determine chlorine concentration One point calibration of photometric cell Control time cycles adjustable between 3 to 90 minutes Proportional control of chlorine...

1 products PAC
Chlorine (Cl) and sulfur (S) analyzer PAC

AC Analytical Controls by PAC has developed a dedicated Sulfur in LPG/Natural Gas Analyzer...

1 products SECOMAM
On-line chlorine (Cl) analyzer STAC-C SECOMAM

It is difficult today to measure chlorine whose concentrations fluctuate from 4 mg/L up to 3 g/L. The problem still becomes complicated if measurement must be automated. The solutions which exist to...

Analytical Technology Q45H62/Q45H63
On-line chlorine (Cl) analyzer Q45H62/Q45H63 Analytical Technology

ATI Models Q45H62 and Q45H63 are reagentless and designed for on-line monitoring and control of chlorination systems. It is available in two versions: a free chlorine monitor for drinking water and cooling...

Analytical Technology 0-2 / 0-20 ppm ± 0.02 ppm | A15/79
Total chlorine (Cl) analyzer 0-2 / 0-20 ppm ± 0.02 ppm | A15/79 Analytical Technology

The ATI Model A15/79 Total Chlorine Monitor uses the standard iodometric method for the determination of total chlorine in highly contaminated samples. A unique sensing technique is used to determine...

Analytical Technology 0-200 PPB / 0 - 2 / 0 - 20 ppm ± 0.01 ppm | Q45H/79
Total chlorine (Cl) analyzer 0-200 PPB / 0 - 2 / 0 - 20 ppm ± 0.01 ppm | Q45H/79 Analytical Technology

While chlorine has become the most widely used disinfectant in the world, there are still some applications where monitoring chlorine residuals can present a challenge. Multiple forms of chlorine in drinking...

Analytical Technology B20
On-line chlorine (Cl) analyzer B20 Analytical Technology

Providing permanent chlorine residual records normally means purchasing a residual chlorine monitor and connecting the output of the monitor to a separate recorder. ATI’s B20 provides an integrated solution...

Analytical Technology Q45H/65
On-line residual chlorine dioxide (ClO2) analyzer Q45H/65 Analytical Technology

ATI’s Model Q45H/65 Residual Chlorine Dioxide Monitor is designed for on-line monitoring and control of industrial disinfection systems. Chlorine dioxide is a powerful disinfecting agent used for treating...

3 products Controlmatik
Controlmatik M 1035 C
On-line chlorine (Cl) analyzer M 1035 C Controlmatik

Chlorine analyzer free M 1035 C Free residual chlorine analyzer type M 1035 C is designed for online measurement and control in drinking water, waste water treatment and swimming-pools applications. The...

Controlmatik M 1053 ClO2
On-line residual chlorine dioxide (ClO2) analyzer M 1053 ClO2 Controlmatik

Dosing equipment for liquid chlorine dioxide. Complete dosing system consist of: - Chlorine dioxide analyzer M 1053 ClO2 on-line chlorine dioxide...

Controlmatik M 5262 C
Multi-parameter liquid analyzer: pH, ORP, chlorine, temperature M 5262 C Controlmatik

Compact swimingpool measurment & regulation unit type M 5262 C is designed for measurment and control of free chlorine, redox and pH in swimming-pools applications. The unit consists of two electrodes...

Applied Analytics OMA-300-CL2
On-line chlorine (Cl) analyzer OMA-300-CL2 Applied Analytics

The OMA-300-CL2 showcases the seamless dynamic range of the OMA Series from low ppm up to high % concentrations of chlorine and chlorine-based...

mil-ram technology, inc. 0 - 5 ppm | Tox-Box
Portable chlorine (Cl) analyzer 0 - 5 ppm | Tox-Box mil-ram technology, inc.

Mil-Ram’s Tox-Box Area Monitor provides fixed system features packed in a rugged, portable instrument designed for dependable service under demanding field conditions. Mil-Ram patented Cl2 Chlorine electrochemical...

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