carbon monoxide analyzer / oxygen / carbon dioxide / sulfur

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carbon monoxide analyzer carbon monoxide analyzer - MIR IS


  • Measured entity:

    carbon monoxide, oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulfur, flue gas, nitrogen, chlorine, toxic gas, biomass, CH4, nitrogen oxide, nitrogen monoxide, hydrocarbon, fluorine, sulfur dioxide, process gas, exhaust gas, stack gas, CO2/02, hydrogen sulfide, acid, hydrocarbon gas, nitrogen dioxide, fluoride, cement, multigas, total organic carbon

  • Measured value:

    concentration, infrared absorption

  • Configuration:

    in situ

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, for monitoring gas emissions, continuous, online, power plant, flow injection, process, for regulatory, temperature control, for hazardous environments, compact, high-definition, sampling, cost-effective, simultaneous, rugged, data acquisition, nitrous oxide, NDIR, with integrated temperature controller, high-performance, weatherproof, extractive, for environmental assessments, for harsh environments, multi-parameter, with data logger



A complete “all in one compact” system, for multi-gas measurements, based on the field-proven MIR 9000 analyzer and on-board SEC sampling system

Fast & simultaneous measurement of up to 10 gases among: HCl, NO, NO2 (NOx), SO2, CO, CO2, HC, CH4 (TOC), HF, N2O, O2, at the sampling location
• Integrated sample drying & system conditioning; no sample line necessary

- Robust analyzer with a stainless steel enclosure
- Designed for measuring wet & corrosive samples
- Ease of installation (single stack entry, on-stack or close-coupled) for reduced costs
- Flow, Temperature & Pressure parameters (optional)
- Remote control and display functions
- Graphic LCD screen with real time synoptic
- Intrinsic security with on-board residual H2O measurement
- On-board paramagnetic cell for long term O2 measurement
- Fast response time, with automatic cross interference correction
- Robust and reliable short extractive analyzer with built-in permeation sample drying system for the measurement of wet and corrosive sample
- Complete CEMS in one cabinet – combines infrared analyzer, sample conditioning
system and probe into one device
- Highly accurate; excellent calibration stability with automatic optical check
- Heated probe in different materials and lengths to suit the application
- External signal input for up to 5 additional measurements (flow rate, pressure, gas temperature…) or any other analog input

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