DIN rail enclosure / miniature / rectangular / ABS
DIN rail enclosure

Width: 23, 225 mm
Height: 100 mm
Depth: 75 mm

Enclosures from ERNI are designed for fastening on DIN mounting rails (top-hat rails) and are available in different variants. The compact plastic housings are available in the IDG-A, ...

compact enclosure / modular / plastic / switch
compact enclosure

Enclosures for HW, TW & XW 22mm Switches & Pilot Devices IDEC now offers plastic enclosures for HW, TW and XW 22mm switches and pilot devices. These enclosures are available in three ...

small-size enclosure / rectangular / polycarbonate / for general purpose
small-size enclosure
PG | Cubo S

Width: 75, 125, 175 mm
Height: 125, 175, 250 mm
Depth: 60, 75, 100, 125, 150 mm

Ensto Cubo S enclosures with Pg knockouts, polycarbonate Ensto Cubo S is a series of small to medium size enclosures available with knockouts or plain sides. The base of the enclosures ...

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wall-mount enclosure / compact / monitoring
wall-mount enclosure
HHC12 series

The new HHC12 Series line of environmental housings are stylish and functional camera enclosures, with a design focus of simplifying installations. The new side entry design of the HHC12 and the hinged ...

box with hinged door / small-size / rectangular / modular
box with hinged door
CPN Series

Width: 300 mm - 1,200 mm
Height: 300 mm - 1,200 mm
Depth: 210, 250, 300 mm

The solid door box, “CPN” series, are small and medium-sized enclosures, entirely made of stainless steel. They have been created with solidity and modularity features. ...

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compact box / rectangular / cardboard / storage
compact box

Width: 340 mm
Height: 180 mm
Depth: 420 mm

On one side it is made of compact smooth paper layers, on the other side it is corrugated. It is robust, durable, and tear resistant. It is perfectly suitable for protecting products from damage while being transported. ...

compact enclosure / aluminum / explosion-proof
compact enclosure

Installation: zone 1/2/21/22 Classification: II 2 GD Execution: EExd-d [ia] IIC T6 IP66 EEx-d [ia] IIC T6 IP66 Control, Power and signalling Unit.: EEx-d IIC T4-T6 IP66 Features: Marine grade copper free aluminium. Stainless steel ...

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Spina Group
sensor enclosure / small-size / rectangular / cast aluminum
sensor enclosure

Width: 64 mm
Height: 98 mm
Depth: 36 mm

... all SEIKA sensors fit the housing and can be installed in different directions of operation output signal calibrated to customer's specifications sensor and signal conditioner electrically isolated from ...

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compact enclosure / portable / rectangular / modular
compact enclosure
Minimet series

Width: 190 mm - 260 mm
Height: 230 mm - 350 mm
Depth: 50 mm - 150 mm

For small desktop and portable electronics Compact aluminium instrument enclosures Stylish, lightweight and versatile design Eight standard sizes Simple and fast ...

small-size enclosure / rectangular / steel / custom
small-size enclosure

Width: 28, 23, 17 mm
Depth: 18 mm - 65 mm

We offer a wide range of 5-sided magnetic shielding MuMETAL® Cans stamped or formed in either ROUND or RECTANGULAR shapes, and deep-drawn up to a 3:1 depth ratio when necessary. Our standard stock range and custom sizes are available ...

compact enclosure / rectangular / aluminum alloy / cast aluminum
compact enclosure
2397 series

Width: 1 in
Height: 2 in
Depth: 1 in

MATERIALS: Screws: 4 each #2-32 X ¼” Pan head self tapping, Steel. Cover: 1.02 (.040) Thick aluminum alloy 1100-h14, Clear anodized Shielded Housing: Die cast aluminum Alloy A380 or A384, Blue paint per Fed. Std. 595, Color No. 25109

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Pomona Electronics
compact enclosure / for desktop computers / metal
compact enclosure

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Dongguan Yiren Industry Co., Ltd .
compact enclosure / modular / stainless steel / custom
compact enclosure

Width: 7 in
Height: 3 in
Depth: 7 in

The ADLMES-8200 is an innovation within embedded enclosure design. Its highly configurable modularity makes it possible to expand or reduce a system without replacing the entire enclosure. Side modules ...

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ADL Embedded Solutions
connector box / compact / rectangular / test
connector box

... intended for only one test method or for combinations of those.Each black box is delivered with a calibration certificate and its resistance values to be able to properly adjust the black box test steps ...

wall-mount enclosure / compact / monitoring
wall-mount enclosure

“Workswell protective fixed housing for thermal cameras” (WHTC), a protective casing for LWIR thermal cameras, has been specifically designed for use in the demanding conditions of various ...

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Workswell s.r.o.
wall-mount enclosure / compact / monitoring
wall-mount enclosure

... inside AIRTEC housing with pressurized air circuit, which is designed for operation up in temperature up to 90°C, with compressed air cooling circuit, the air characteristic is as following: Tin<35°C @1Bar ...

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wall-mount enclosure / compact / monitoring
wall-mount enclosure
80 x 82 x 245 mm, IP66 - IP67 | MAXIMUS MHXT

... AISI 316L stainless steel housings for thermal cameras, designed for demanding applications in accordance with the strictest Standards for hazardous areas, ATEX - IECEx . This range is characterized by absolute sturdiness, ...

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Videotec Spa
wall-mount enclosure / compact / monitoring
wall-mount enclosure

The range BCV and AD432 has been specially developed for installations of video surveillance in area Gas and Dust ATEX Exd IIB and IIC. Stainless steel housing, protection class IP66, several sizes are available depending on the equipment. This ...

wall-mount enclosure / compact / aluminum / monitoring
wall-mount enclosure

Superbay Ballast Housing from 150-1000 Watt Applications Heavy and light industrial plants, warehouses and aircraft hangers as well as retail Features Rugged, two-piece, die cast aluminum ballast housing ...

wall-mount enclosure / compact / aluminum / monitoring
wall-mount enclosure
90 x 84 x 300 mm | SSG-401/2

Dust proof housing without sun-shield or safety thermostat for 230 VAC cameras and for low voltage powered cameras in combination with additional inbuild mains unit, aluminium case, cable access via 3 x PG-9 cable ...

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compact enclosure / monitoring
compact enclosure
EN 60529, 1P40

The 285/286 ceiling housings are all steel vandal resistant enclosures, with rear hinge and front key lock. The camera and lens can be adjusted in all three axes. A tile option mounting is available, ...

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compact enclosure / protection / monobloc
compact enclosure

Fire-stop box FlamoX® FlamoX® installation housings for luminaires and loudspeakers protect lives and material goods. In luminaire and loudspeaker installations in fire-protection ceilings, the ...

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compact housing / modular
compact housing

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compact enclosure / rectangular
compact enclosure

Multiservice unit for extracting dry sanding dust, as well as distributing compressed air and electrical energy; available in a range of various configurations and setting levels. Ideal for all appliances used in body shop preparation areas.

explosion-proof enclosure / compact / rectangular / aluminum
explosion-proof enclosure
DE8WH series

... range of Ex d IIC enclosures range comprises many standard sizes of enclosures manufactured in painted carbon steel. Can be configured as Ex d direct entry or as an Ex de combination for indirect entry. ...